What kinds of things come to mind when you think of a business’ GRAND OPENING??


  • Balloons, streamers, and eye-catching banners
  • People standing on corners pointing human-sized arrows towards the new business
  • Flyers that are mailed or distributed to all local residents, inviting them to the Grand Opening event
  • Special discounts, free gifts, and other incentives for the first customers
  • Giant dancing tube men, wildly waving their inflated arms in front of the new business
  • Advertising on TV or in local publications
  • Promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, offering glimpses into what the new business can offer
  • An overall celebratory mood with special incentives to draw people in

Grand Openings of businesses are fun and exciting! Business owners often go all out to introduce their new business to their potential customers, raise awareness of what they have to offer, and incentivize people to come check them out.


Well, guess what…

When you signed up to become an Avon representative, you became a business owner too! And if you treat your Avon business as a business, it will ultimately reward you like a business!

So, let’s talk about the GRAND OPENING of your Avon business…

Successful business owners don’t typically open their doors on the first day and then just wait to see who shows up. (They also don’t typically close up shop if the customers don’t come flooding in right away.) Successful business owners take steps to ensure that everyone knows about their new business, they give all of those people ample motivation to come check them out, and then they make sure those people have an incredible experience, so they keep coming back (and bring their friends along too)!!

With Avon, your business doesn’t operate out of a physical storefront – it operates out of the brochures and your online store. So, your Grand Opening doesn’t need to be an actual event that people attend at a particular date and time. Your Grand Opening could even last for your first couple campaigns! The main idea is to announce your business loud and clear, offer people a peek at the great stuff you have to offer, and give them some irresistible motivation to become one of your first customers.

Check out these tips for giving your new Avon business a successful GRAND OPENING:


Grand Openings are fun and exciting, so have fun and be excited!! Let everyone know how excited your are to be launching your new Avon business! Tell people you chat with, post about it on Facebook, and share pics when your first Avon order arrives!


Make sure that you have the materials and resources you need to launch your Avon business. Fortunately, there’s not much that you absolutely NEED to have. I’d highly recommend ordering brochures to distribute. As a general rule, the more you pass out, the more orders you’ll generate.  It’s also a good idea to get your hands on some Avon products for your own personal use, so that you can “wear and share” the products, offer your own personal testimonials, and share recommendations. (You’ll enjoy your 25% discount on all beauty purchases, as long as the total of your sales/purchases for the campaign are at least $40.) Aside from physical items, make sure that you’ve set up your online store, learn how to share your digital brochure link, and get to know Avon Social (our awesome social media tool)!


You just opened up a new business!! Invite everyone you know to be a part of your Grand Opening! How?? Post about it on Facebook, send emails/messages, and pass out tons of brochures! Include a note with brochures that you distribute to introduce yourself as a new Avon representative and invite them to be one of your first customers.


For your first campaign or two, consider offering some sort of special discount or other incentive (free Avon product or samples with order, for example) for your first customers. Let people know about the Grand Opening special by sticking labels on the brochures you pass out, posting on Facebook, sending an email or message to everyone you know.


Turn your Grand Opening into a virtual event by setting up a Facebook group to host an online Grand Opening party. Set a date and time for the virtual event to take place and invite everyone to join the group. During the event, post tons of pics to show everyone all of the great products you have to offer. Promote any special Grand Opening deals or incentives that you’ve decided to offer. You can even do a live video in the group to show all of your potential customers some of your personal favorite Avon items! Be sure to share the link to your online store and/or digital brochure frequently throughout your event.


Launch your business by inviting some friends over to experience Avon! Make it a fun girls night with some yummy snacks and beverages. Encourage your friends to bring along a friend. Have some products available for your guests to sample and plenty of brochures for them to browse. Be sure to let them know about any special “Grand Opening” offers!


When those first orders start rolling in, be sure to thank your customers and compliment them on their excellent product choices! Share your thanks publicly (such as through a Facebook post), so that other potential customers will be reminded about your new business and the great products and deals you have to offer.


Keep going, even if your Grand Opening doesn’t turn out to be as grand as you’d hoped! Think like the business owner you are! What would a business owner do if their Grand Opening was a flop?? Would they close up shop right away?? Or would they go back to the drawing board to figure out some new things to try or some more effective ways to connect with customers?? Give yourself and your business the opportunity and time to succeed!!




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