As an Avon representative, the holiday sales season offers a tremendous opportunity to connect with new customers, grow your sales, and make more money… not just during the holiday season, but long-term with your business!

What exactly makes this time of year so special for your business?

  • Our beautiful, bright, and shiny holiday items are perfect for capturing attention! Customers who previously scrolled right past your other Avon promotions may slow down for the pretty holiday items! Once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got an opportunity to show them all of the other things you have to offer!
  • Many people shop more during this time of year, as they seek perfect gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping list! Avon has tons of perfectly giftable items to offer!
  • It’s typically easier to attract new customers and gain sales during this time of year, making it a prime time to expand your business. You can then continue building your relationship with this new customers as we enter the new year!
  • Customers can shop your Avon business online and have their items delivered directly to their homes, anywhere across the United States, making it a safe and convenient way to do their holiday shopping!

There are a few things you can do to make the most of these next few months, to experience lasting growth and higher earnings with your Avon business:

TIP #1The holiday sales season starts NOW. It’s already happening! Don’t wait until November or December to begin your holiday promotions and sales. Plan, promote, and begin collecting pre-orders NOW!!

TIP #2 Holiday items are limited-supply! They are also incredibly popular amongst many, many customers. Many items WILL sell out! Your best bet for securing the best product availability for your customers is to promote early, collect orders ahead of the campaign and submit your orders right at the beginning of each campaign ordering window. Check out the campaign ordering windows for each of the 2020 holiday campaigns in the pic below!

(P.S. If an item your customer wanted sells out, respond by telling them they’ve got great taste and selected one of our most popular items, which unfortunately sold out. Then suggest a couple replacement items they might like and consider offering them a small discount on the alternate items! This approach will keep your customers feeling happy, satisfied, and cared for, even if a particular item they wanted is not available.)

TIP #3 – Another way to ensure your customers get the best product availability is to encourage customers to place their orders through your online store early each campaign, so they can secure their must-have items! Your online store updates to the next campaign one day before the ordering window opens for the new campaign!

TIP #4 – Use the INVENTORY ALERTS page (under the Manage Business tab on to keep track of product availability.

TIP #5 To sell more and earn more, promote your business more! This is a prime time of year to go big with your business promotion! Pass out more brochures, share your digital brochure link more regularly, post more often on social media!

TIP #6 – To ensure you have the materials you need to promote your business far and wide this holiday season, be sure to order your brochures two campaigns ahead. Many reps utilize this time of year for business growth, so brochures are in high demand, just like the products! Don’t wait to get the materials you need to grow your business!

TIP #7 – If brochures sell out for a particular campaign, use all of the FREE digital sales tools which are available to you. (Not sure how to use all of the digital sales tools? Check out the extensive training available in the AVON U TRAINING section of

TIP #8Be creative with your business promotions during this time of year! Host an online holiday shopping party, run special deals/promotions, offer your services as a personal holiday shopper, etc.!

TIP #9 – Make the most of every brochure you pass out or link you share by following up a few days later to see if your potential customer has any questions! Let your customer know when you’ll be submitting your next order, if there’s anything they’d like you to add for them!

TIP #10 – As your customers shop for people on their holiday shopping lists, remind your customers that they deserve to treat themselves too! Offer to help them select the perfect skin care items to address all of their skin concerns! This is one way that you can turn your holiday shopping customer into a year-round customer! (Don’t know enough about our skin care items to be able to confidently make recommendations? Check out the product training and other resources in Avon U to become an expert in the items you’re selling!!)

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