FUNDRAISERS!! – Did you know that you can run a fundraiser with your AVON business?? Did you know that fundraisers not only benefit the organization you’re running the fundraiser for, but can also be a HUGE boost to your business?
Fundraisers boost your business by:
1. Bringing in a potentially huge order, which will increase the commission you earn on customer orders that campaign, PLUS count towards your overall sales for the year, which could propel you into President’s Club and all the perks that come along with being a President’s Club member (40% earnings level the whole following year and MORE!!)
2. Providing people with the opportunity to try Avon’s wonderful products, while supporting a good cause.
3. Connecting YOU with a large number of new potential customers! You can stick a business card or current brochure into every fundraising order you fill! Once they get a taste of Avon, they’ll be calling you for future orders!!
Who do you know who needs to raise money? A school, church group, sports teams, cheerleading, dance schools, charity, etc. Offer them an Avon fundraiser!! Avon makes fundraising easy by providing specialized fundraising flyers and order forms for your fundraiser participants!

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