Team Building Tip – Blend It In!

Blend growing your Avon team into your everyday routine!! – Recruiting for your Avon team doesn’t have to be an isolated task on your to-do list. Make it part of everything you do! 
Try some of these ideas:
Heading to the park with the kids? Bring along some brochures and recruiting flyer to pass out to the other moms! 
Taking a walk in the neighborhood? Pass out some recruiting flyers on your way. 
Running errands? Wear an Avon logo shirt or jacket. Carry and Avon bag! Always have brochures and business cards on hand. 
Attending a party or play date? Bring along some brochures. Talk to people about the Avon opportunity every chance you get!
Once you find someone who is interested, send them to Tell them to be sure to use your reference code. (Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your webstore address. If you’re not sure what it is, ask me.) Once you get the email saying you have a successful self-appointment, be sure to let me, or your immediate upline, know right away. We can help you to get them started with Avon!!

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