Take Advantage of your AVON Business!! – There are many benefits to having your own Avon business! One of those benefits is that you can enjoy the discount you get on your own personal purchases!! Are you taking full advantage of your Avon business??

If you owned a grocery store, would you do your shopping at some other grocery store? Of course not, silly! You’d shop in your own business to enjoy the boost to your sales and the perk of your discount!!

Same idea applies to your Avon business. Why buy your shampoo somewhere else when Avon offers a great line of shampoos and conditioners?

When you shop from your own Avon business, you enjoy the benefit of your discount. You also boost your sales, which could boost you into a higher earnings level, so you’re saving more on your personal purchases and earning more on your customers’ orders!! Win, win!!

Try these ideas:

▪Shop from your Avon business for all of your personal and family care products – shampoo, lotion, deodorant, bubble bath, body wash, etc!! The products are great and wonderfully priced! Shop your own business, instead of someone else’s! **Added bonus: You’ll be a walking advertisement for Avon’s products and be able to speak from about the products from first-hand experience!

▪Shop from your Avon business for gifts! Is someone’s birthday coming up? Give them AVON! Not only will you boost your sales and enjoy your discount, but you will introduce people to Avon’s wonderful products! They may become your next best customer, once you give them a taste of what Avon has to offer!!

▪Shop from your Avon business for end of year teacher gifts!

▪Shop from your Avon business to make donation baskets for local school, church, and other charity events. (Stick a brochure and your business card with the donation. You may get a new customer out of it!)

▪Offer Avon as a fundraiser option for any dance groups, sports teams, schools, and other organizations you’re involved with!

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