Make it Fun – This tip is about giving your potential customers a reason to flip through those brochures and see all of the great products Avon offers

 Try this fun idea:

Identify a small, inexpensive item in the brochure, like a lip balm, hand lotion, or nail file. Put a fun little sticker on that item. Then, stick a label on the front of your brochures which says something like, “Find the star sticker hidden on an item in this brochure! Call me when you find it. Place your order by: ____ and get that item for FREE with your order!”

You can vary that idea any way you’d like. Offer the free gift with no minimum order or pick a better free gift and require an order of at least $25 or $50 to receive it.

The free gift you offer may cost you a little bit out of pocket, but the end result of encouraging more people to place orders should pay off in the end!! Plus, those free gifts that you order for customers will help boost your sales, possibly even into a higher earnings level!!

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