Be EXCITED! B.E. EXCITED! – Your enthusiasm for your Avon business can be contagious! Be excited about your AVON business and be excited about the opportunity you can offer to others to start their own AVON businesses. 
Smile when you talk about Avon, in person and even while on the phone. It will change the tone of your voice. It makes a huge difference! If sound bored and disengaged when talking about the Avon opportunity, it will be very hard to convince others to give it a try. Remember how excited you were when you decided to sign up to become an Avon representative?? Talk to people about Avon with that level of excitement and they will be lining up to give it a try!! 
Make AVON fun! Tell potential recruits about the fun little samples, and discounts on your personal purchases, and opportunities to get advance products at a huge discount from the What’s New booklets! Tell them about the other rewards and incentives Avon offers to encourage us to be successful! It IS fun to be an Avon representative. Let your potential recruits know that.
Once you find someone who is interested, send them to Tell them to be sure to use your reference code. (Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your webstore address. If you’re not sure what it is, ask me.) Once you get the email saying you have a successful self-appointment, be sure to let me, or your immediate upline, know right away. We can help you to get them started with Avon!!

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