THINK LIKE JUNE! – There is a representative on this team named June. June just celebrated her 62nd anniversary with Avon. 62 YEARS!! And get this… In 62 years, June has never missed a single campaign. 

June started her Avon business as a young woman and continued working her business through all of the highs and lows life throws at us. She’s been a President’s Club member for more years than she can count. Many of her loyal customers have been with her through most of those 62 years. 

In 62 years, June has dealt with many changes in how Avon operates, and all of the same occasional challenges we face, but every campaign she has risen above the challenges. At the end of the day, June has always believed in her Avon business, so she makes it work!

June’s customers know that they can count on her consistency. They know they will always get a current brochure and will always have their items in a timely manner. June has built solid relationships with her customers over the years. June IS the Avon lady!

 Think like June. Your Avon business isn’t something that is going to thrive or fail over the course of a handful of campaigns. You’re building a business, which you can continue to grow over an entire lifetime, if you wish! Don’t let life’s ups and downs or the occasional frustration throw you off your course. Your business is worth more than that!

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