NEW Rep. Exclusive! – 100+ Places to Leave Brochures

When you’re first getting started with your Avon business, most representatives start with the people they know… friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

But there are new potential customers everywhere!! Most people have heard of Avon  (it’s been around almost 130 years!) but many people haven’t seen a brochure in ages and are unaware of the amazing scope of products Avon carries. Getting a brochure into the hands of those people is the key to growing your business!

Following is a list of over 100 possible places you could leave brochures to attract new customers. Use your judgement and follow your local rules and regulations when choosing which ideas to utilize.

Not every idea on the list will work for you. The point is, there are tons of places to find customers! Grow your business, but don’t be a litterbug! 😉

Always be sure to label your brochures with your contact information AND your webstore!

100+ Possible Places to Leave Brochures

1. Doctors offices put five to 10 in each waiting room
2. Dentists’ offices put five to 10 in each waiting room
3. Mechanics waiting rooms
4. Laundromats place 10 to 20 in each laundry mat
5. College campuses
6. On backs of stalls in public restrooms
7. Library
8. Hair Salons
9. Tax Preparation Offices
10. Orthodontist Offices
11. Insurance Offices
12. Dry Cleaners
13. Dairy Queen/Baskin Robbins
14. Bagel shops
15. Donut shops
16. Deli’s
17. ATMs
18. Veterinarians
19. Nail salons
20. Day care center
21. Retirement homes
22. Model/new-home centers

23. Real estate agents offices
24. 7-11’s or corner stores

25. Gymnastics Classes
26. With your tip at a restaurant
27. With toll booth collectors
28. Grocery store clerks
29. Video Stores
30. Dressing Rooms
31. With fast food clerks
32. With bank tellers
33. Shoe stores
34. Kids resale shops
35. Gymboree centers
36. Temporary staff offices
37. Flower Shops
38. Restaurants
39. Pet Stores
40. Dance studios
41. Grocery stores
42. Mortgage offices
43. Computer stores
44. School administrative offices
45. Fabric stores
46. Bakeries
47. Print shops
48. Cashiers at car dealerships
49. Tanning salons
50. Vitamin stores
51. Sales people at any store
52. Senior centers
53. Walk-in medical clinic’s waiting room
54. Credit Union
55. Restaurant supply store
56. Park benches

57. Bus stop benches

58. Pharmacies
59. Bowling alleys
60. With the clerks at the Post Office
61. Gas station attendants
62. Movie theatre lobbies
63. Print Shops
64. Furniture stores
65. Coffee Shops
66. Car Dealerships/Car Shows
67. Colleges
68. Parking Garage Attendants
69. Garage/Yard sales
70. With apartment managers to give to new tenants
71. In shopping carts at grocery stores
72. Middle schools/High schools
73. WIC Office
74. Department of Human Services
75. Under YOUR windshield wiper with a “Free for the taking” note
76. Specialty Candy stores
77. Cell Phone Stores
78. Utilities Companies when you pay your bills
79. Hotels/Motels
80. Bridal Stores/dress shops
81. Firehouses
82. On bus seats (train seats, rental cars, looking at RV’s)
83. Fitness Centers
84. Video store drop off box
85. Security officers desk
86. Receptionist desk, secretary’s desk, manager’s desk
87. Lobby of business
88. Friends, relative’s coffee table
89. Contest and giveaway sites
90. Open houses
91. Phone booths
92. Lobby sofa’s
93. Car insurance offices
94. Newspaper stand
95. Book area of store
96. Anywhere that says “take one”
97. Car repair shops/motor oil change places
98. Men stores (women would love something to look at)
99. Home repair stores
100. Flower stores
101. Dentist offices
102. Employment agencies
103. Non-profit agencies (leave a fundraiser flyer also)
104. Talent agencies
105. Church lobby
106. Gym/sport equipment store
107. Craft/fabric stores
108. Chiropractic offices
109. Bleachers at a ball field
110. Playgrounds/Parks
111. Daycares
112. Dance schools

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