Sales Tip – Be Charitable

Want to help local organizations or individuals in your area, while also building your Avon business??

Be charitable!


Is your church or school holding a fundraiser event? Know someone organizing a benefit?

Donate an item to be raffled off at the event!

Your donation item can be big or small. Purchase items on sale or from the Deal of the Day section to keep your cost down.


Raffle basket donation for a breast cancer benefit

Be sure to include a current brochure, labeled with your contact info, as part of your donation item. You may also wish to include recruiting information and fundraising information.

When you deliver your donation item, bring along a few business cards, current brochures, or informative postcards. Ask the organizer if those items can be left near your donation item.


By donating an item, you will help the person or cause that funds are being raised for. You will also boost your total award sales through your purchase of the items you’re donating, which may bump you into a higher earnings level and get you closer to achieving President’s Club!

It’s also wonderful advertising for your Avon business. You may pick up a new customer from the winner of your donation item or anyone who picks up one of your business cards or brochures!!

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