Welcome to Avon!

Congratulations on starting your Avon business!! If you signed up online, your starter kit, with your brochures, some samples, and some full-sized products will arrive in just a couple days!! (I know, it’s hard to wait!)

In the mean time, here is a checklist of some recommended steps you can take to get off to a successful start with your Avon business!

1. Register at http://www.youravon.com. You will enter your orders twice a month, make your payments, and manage all of your Avon business on that site.

2. Spend some time exploring the New Representative Center on youravon.com, which offers a variety of supports. Also, head over to the Avon University tab, where you can complete training courses designed to give you a successful start with Avon.

3. Set up your personal Avon webstore. Then, use the Email Center in the Web Office to send a Grand Opening email to everyone you know!

4. Consider setting up an email address just for your Avon business. Pick something easy for your customers to remember. Click on the Profile link at the very top of the page in youravon.com to add your new email address under the Personal Information tab.

5. Brainstorm a list of everyone you know who might be interested in seeing an Avon brochure or viewing your Avon webstore.

6. Look back at your list. Make a little “$$$” next to anyone on your list who might also be interested in making some extra money each month. They could be your first potential team members!! (Did you know that you can start a team right away and earn extra bonuses from Avon??)

7. Consider how you will manage your business finances. You may wish to set up a checking account just for your Avon business, to make it easier to keep track your business expenses and earnings.

8. Call or email your immediate upline as soon as your kit arrives. We will arrange a time to chat to go over everything and answer all of your questions.

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