As the Beatles like to say, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

A little help from your friends can be the key to achieving the highest levels of sales success!


An Avon helper is simply someone who is willing to take a few brochures into their workplaces, neighborhood, or social circles. Helpers distribute the brochures, collect the orders, collect payment, and deliver the orders. You submit the orders to Avon, organize the orders, and deliver to your helper.

In return for their assistance, you reward your helper! You can reward your helper with a discount on their own order, free gifts, or a percentage of the commission. That choice is between you and your helper!

Ideal helpers may be people who love Avon, work with other women, or have a different social circle than your own. Your best customers may appreciate the opportunity to earn a discount on their own orders or FREE Avon!

To find a few helpers, start by making a little “Help Wanted” advertisement to include with your brochures. State the responsibilities and the rewards in your ad. Also, talk to your best customers to offer the opportunity!

Fun Tip – During the holiday season, you can make a “Help Wanted” ad in search of Santa’s Elves!

Avon Holiday Helper

Extra Bonus – Your helper may someday become your Avon team member! Be sure that all of your customers know that you’d be happy to sign them up to start their own Avon business!

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