Why might customers want to shop with us, as compared to some big chain store?

Well, for one, we have access to Avon’s wonderful products, which they can only get through an Avon representative!

Aside from that, as an Avon representative, we have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with our customers. We can get to know them, learn about their lives, understand their specific interests and needs, and even develop friendships. That’s something that a big chain store doesn’t provide.


As you interact with your customers, focus on that personal touch! Here are a few ideas on how to make your Avon business personal:

  • Spend a couple minutes with your customers as you take orders and make deliveries. Learn about who they are, big events in their lives, or special interests. When you talk to them again, ask follow-up questions to show that you remembered. Have a customer who took a trip? Ask them how it was! Do they have a sick family member? Inquire about them. Maybe pass along a little free “thinking of you” gift for them, like a hand lotion or shower gel.
  • When you’re collecting contact info for a new customer, ask for their birthday. When their birthday rolls around, include a little free gift or a special discount coupon with their order!
  • Make notes on your customer’s favorite products, color preferences, preferred fragrance. Keep an eye out for good deals on the items they love and then let them know about it!
  • Custom select samples for specific items you think your customer will enjoy, based on what you know about them.
  • Make a follow-up call the day after you deliver an order to check to see how they are enjoying their products.

Little personal interactions like these can go a long way with building a loyal customer base, who will continue to come back to you time and time again, not only because they love Avon, but because they love having you as their Avon representative!


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