Building a beautiful team of Avon beauty bosses, can be a rewarding, exciting, and profitable way to grow your Avon business!

When you share the Avon opportunity with others, then mentor them to be successful, both YOU and your team members win!!

Building your Avon team is also an essential component of earning enough points to earn the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, which begins in Campaign 20 ’17 and runs through Campaign 6 ’18.

If you’ve never invited someone to join Avon, you might not know where to start. So, in this post, I’m going to walk you through 5 easy strategies for finding new Avon team members.

But first, let me quickly review the perks available to you when you invite others to join Avon:

  • $20 Cash Bonus for each person you invite to invite, when they successfully place a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (The bonus is $50 if you are still personally in the Kickstart program – your 1st 7 campaigns with Avon.)
  • 3% Sponsoring Bonus each campaign, on your team members’ sales, as long as you both remain Avon representatives
  • 300 Points towards the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, to earn an all-inclusive cruise to Bermuda, for each personal recruit who places a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (Valid from C-20 ’17 through C-6 ’18)
  • 1000 Points towards the Cruise Like a Boss incentive, to earn an all-inclusive trip to cruise to Bermuda, when you advance in leadership title, Ambassador or above (Valid from C-20 ’17 through C-6 ’18)
  • Cash Bonuses each campaign (3%-10% of your team’s sales), at ambassador level or above, as you mentor your team members in building successful businesses. Teach them how to earn more money and YOU will earn more money too!
  • Promotion Bonuses (ranging from $500 – $20,000) as you grow your team and advance in leadership title
  • Mentoring Bonuses (ranging from $250 – $10,000) as you mentor members of your team in  growing their teams and advancing in their titles
  • Annual Rewards Vacation for the Executive levels of leadership (Last year’s trip was to Punta Cana. This year’s trip will be to Disney World!!)
  • Chances to Win a Car through the Drive Like a Boss incentive, for each person you invite to invite, when they successfully place a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more (Valid from C-20 ’17 through C-25 ’17)

Can you see how profitable and exciting it can be to grow an Avon team?? The best part is that you can earn all these bonuses and rewards by helping other people to be successful with Avon!! We all win together!


Ready to get started?

Here are 5 ways that you can find new AVON team members:

  1. Make a General Announcement – Write a post on Facebook. Tell people how much you’ve enjoyed selling Avon. Let them know about your success with it. Tell them about how you love being able to save on all of your Avon purchases(up to 40% off), which saves you money buying those items elsewhere. Tell them how Avon is easy to sell by passing out the brochures or promoting your web store online (no need to host party after party)! Tell them you love being able to decide how much you sell (no order quotas)! Tell them that you’ve been SO happy with your Avon business that you’ve decided to start a team and are looking for your first team members! Then tell them they can earn 40% on their very first order of ANY SIZE at all, and that they can then continue earning 40% on their next six orders, by reaching gradually increasing goals, as they build their business! Tell them that they can sign up and receive a box full of all the business supplies they need to get started for just $25!! Tell them they’ll have a team of support to help them along the way!
  2. Personally Reach Out To People You Know – Who do you know who could use some extra money? Perhaps money has been tight for them, maybe they’re saving for a family vacation or a new home, or perhaps it’s a stay-at-home mom, who might enjoy some extra income. Call them up or send them a personal message to let them know you’ve been thinking about them and how you think Avon could be a great solution to their need for extra money. Explain all the perks of being an Avon representative. (See Tip #1 for details.) Ask them if they might be interested in learning more. The worst possible thing that will happen is they’ll say no, and you’ll just move onto the next person!
  3. Ask Your Best Customer(s) – They already love Avon, don’t they?? Why wouldn’t they want to save up to 40% on their own orders every campaign, while also enjoying earnings on any other orders they collect each campaign!!
  4. Ask Around – Post in online groups that you’re a part of. Tell them you’re looking for people who are interested in being their own boss, and to message you for more info.
  5. Use Referrals – Expand your list of potential recruits by asking everyone you know, if THEY know someone who might be interested in earning some extra money, with a ton of flexibility. Offer a thank you gift to anyone who refers you to someone who signs up with you!!

Now, here’s the important part… When you find someone who wants to sign up, have them go to and make sure that they enter your reference code when they sign up. **Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your web store address. For example, my web store address is:, which means my reference code is: amydeline



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