FAQs about Becoming an Avon Representative

If you or someone you know is thinking about becoming an Avon representative, you may have a few questions or concerns. In this post,  I’m going to walk through the most frequently answer questions I hear from people who are considering becoming an Avon representative.

If you have any questions that I have not addressed, feel free to ask them in the Comments section! I’d be happy to answer!


Question #1 – I know that some direct sales companies require their representatives/consultants to purchase expensive inventories, often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How much does it cost to get started with Avon?

Answer: It’s so easy to get started with Avon. When you sign up, you’ll pay a $30 enrollment fee, which gives you instant access to a personal online store, extensive online self-paced training, an incredible social media system for promoting your new business online, and MORE!! As an added bonus when you enroll, you’ll be able to select a FREE WELCOME GIFT bundle (valued at up to $80)!

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 12.47.22 PM.png

Question #2 – Do I have to keep an inventory of products on hand?

Answer: Nope, you’re never required to stock an inventory. You can sell straight from the brochures (catalogs) and order only what your customers request. Your customers can also shop online through your FREE personal web store!!

Question #3 – Do I have to host a bunch of parties to sell the products?

Answer: Nope! Most representatives sell the products by simply passing out the Avon brochures each campaign (two-week sales period) and collecting the orders and/or by promoting their web stores, which Avon makes easy by providing a library full of great ads to post on our social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Some representatives choose to host live parties or online parties to grow their business further, but this is a personal choice. With Avon, YOU are the boss!

Question #4 – My life is so busy, between my full-time job and my family responsibilities. I barely have any spare time. Can I still be successful at Avon?

Answer: Absolutely! Avon is set up to be incredibly flexible, so it can work for just about any schedule. With Avon, YOU are the boss. YOU decide how much time you devote to Avon, YOU decide when, and YOU decide how. Many representatives blend building their Avon businesses into their normal day to day activities. For example, they might bring some brochures in their work place or to pass out when they drop a child off at sports practice. 

Question #5 – Is there some sales quota that I need to meet each month?

Answer: Nope! Sell as much or as little as you like! There are no minimum sales quotas. You can even skip up to six consecutive campaigns (about 3 months) and still maintain an active account. Obviously, the more you sell, the more you’ll earn. But that part is up to YOU! Avon leaves it flexible for each representative to work their business as it works for them!

Question #6 – Do people still buy Avon?

Answer: You’d better believe it! Avon has been around for 130 years for a reason! They provide great products that people know and love. Not only does Avon offer the cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care items that many people are familiar with, but Avon also offers Espira wellness items (vitamins, protein shakes, and more), items for the home, beautiful jewelry, flattering clothing, shoes,  items for children, and MORE! Avon offers items that everyone uses, like shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, and lotions, so everyone you know could be a potential customer!

If you haven’t seen an Avon brochure recently, check out my Avon web store to see a bit of what you could be saving/earning 40% on! www.youravon.com/amydeline

Question #7 – I don’t have a credit card. How can I sign up?

Answer: Prepaid Visas are available in many locations. You can load the card with your desired amount and use it to sign up online. You can then also use that card to handle your payments to Avon when you submit your orders.

Question #8 – Can I really make money with Avon?? How much money can I make?

Answer: Yes, you can really make money with Avon!! In fact, Avon has set up a program for new representatives, called “Kickstart”, which is designed to help you start earning at a high earnings level, right from the start, as you grow your business!! With Kickstart, you can earn 40% on your first order of ANY SIZE at all! Then, you can continue earning 40% for the next six campaigns after that, by reaching gradually increasing sales goals, as you grow your business!

Representatives who want to earn even more money, often choose to invite others to Avon and mentor them to success. Avon offers very generous bonuses when representatives grow their team and help their team members to be successful, including cash bonuses for each successful new team member, recurring bonuses on team sales, promotion bonuses (up to $20,000), mentoring bonuses (up to $10,000), and even an annual trip for the highest levels.

Question #9 – Will I have help?

Answer: Yes, when you sign up, you will be assigned an upline mentor. (If you use the reference code of another Avon representative, they will become your upline mentor.) Your upline will be available to answer all of your questions along the way and provide you with tips and encouragement, as you build your business. Support can be offered in a variety of ways, depending on what works for you and your upline! For example, my team provides support through personal calls, mailed information, email, team Facebook group, conference calls, video meetings, face-to-face meetings, text messages, this blog, and more!! Local district managers are also on hand to offer support and host sales meetings in your area. You can choose to participate in whichever of these supports work for you and skip whatever doesn’t!

Question #10 – Is it a scam?

Answer: Of course not, silly!! Do you think people would have been coming to Avon for the past 130 years if it was a scam? Avon offers you a genuine business opportunity… YOUR business, with genuine products to sell, which people have been enjoying for over a century! You sell the products, you earn money. It’s as simple as that! Becoming an Avon representative is a genuine opportunity, which you can do with as you please. Some people come to Avon as personal shoppers, looking for a discount on their own items. Some people come to Avon looking for a casual hobby or a little extra money on the side. And some people come to Avon looking to quit their day job and be the boss of their own business. Avon can be any of those things. As an Avon representative, YOU are the boss! You decide how it fits into your life!


Ready to get started??

Go to www.startavon.com and use the reference code of the representative you are in touch with. **If you’re not already in touch with an Avon representative, use my reference code: amydeline


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