6 Steps for Successfully Launching Your Avon Business

Congratulations and Welcome to AVON!! 

You’re now a part of a beautiful 130 year history of people who have come to Avon seeking the opportunity to build a business on their own terms. To sum it all up, you’re an AVON BEAUTY BOSS now!

The business supply kit, that you selected when you signed up, will be on its way to you soon. It usually arrives within just a few days. Your kit will contain brochures for your first two campaigns (a “campaign” is what we call our 2-week selling periods), samples, business tools, and even some full-sized products!

While you’re waiting for your kit, there’s plenty that you can do to start preparing to launch your new business!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The very first thing should be to go to http://www.youravon.com, and click “Register“, to sign into the representative site for the first time. You’ll set a password when you sign in, and will also set up your personal online store. This is the site where you will manage your Avon business. There’s a lot to explore on the site, so take some time to look around.

TIP: Be sure to check out AVON SOCIAL in the top left corner of youravon.com, which is an amazing tool for promoting your business online! You’ll also find a very helpful “Shortcuts to Success” course for new Avon representatives, in the AVON U TRAINING section.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.18.35 PM.png

There are also some things that you can be doing to generate excitement for your new business and to start building your customer base.

Here are SIX steps for successfully launching your new Avon business:

STEP 1 – BUILD ANTICIPATION AND EXCITEMENT – The day you’ve signed up, go onto Facebook and post something exciting, like:

I’m so excited!! I just started my own business!!

Don’t specify Avon in your post right away. Let your friends be curious for a little bit. Let a bunch of friends comment to congratulate you and ask what your business is. Don’t reply back right away. After a little while, reply back to let them know that you’ll be living the Beauty Boss life as an Avon representative. Share your online store, which they can begin shopping from right away! (Be sure to tell them about FREE SHIPPING on online orders of $40+. They can also use the coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off their 1st online order with you!)

STEP 2 – GET TO KNOW YOUR WEB STORE FIRSTHAND – Your Web Store is a HUGE potential source of EASY EARNINGS for you! When customers order through your web store, and select Direct Delivery, they pay Avon directly, then Avon processes and ships the order directly to their home. YOU get the earnings!! You’re going to want to know how to use this valuable tool and how to tell potential customers how to use it.

Here’s the best way to get to know your web store… Go to your personal web store and PLACE AN ORDER. Have it Direct-Delivered to yourself. Order anything you’d like. Use this as an opportunity to get to know some new products. It can be a big order or a small order. Just give yourself the full experience of using your web store, so you will know exactly how it works, from the ordering process, the checkout options, the email confirmation, how you (as a representative) get notified of the order, how you (as a customer) get notified of shipping, how the items are packaged when they arrive, and how you (as a representative) get your earnings!

A few things to know about shopping your web store: There’s ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 or more. (Shipping is $6.95 flat rate on orders less than $40.) Web store orders count towards your sales goals for the Kickstart program. That means that you’ll get 40% earnings on the order you place for yourself, credited back to your Avon account once your order ships (assuming you place the online order before your first scheduled order date, when you’re eligible for 40% earnings). 40%!!!!! You and your customers can also use the one-time-use code WELCOME10 to save 10% off  any size 1st order.

EXAMPLE of USE – Shop your own web store. Select $50 in items. Use the code WELCOME10 to save 10% ($5 off your $50 order). Get FREE SHIPPING on your $45 order. Get 40% earnings ($18 on a $45 order) credited back to your Avon account. In other words, get $50 worth of items for $27 (plus any local sales tax)!! What a fantastic way to get to know how your web store works and get to know some of Avon’s great products, at a HUGE savings to you!!

Click HERE for more info and tips related to selling online through your FREE online store!

STEP 3 – INTRODUCE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR WEB STORE – Now that YOU know exactly how your web store works, go ahead and introduce it to everyone you know! While you’re waiting for your starter kit to arrive, you can start selling through your web store. Friends and family all across the country can shop your web store and have it shipped directly to them!! Easy earnings for you! Write a post on Facebook to let everyone know that you’re officially an Avon representative, and that your web store is open for business. Mention the amazing variety of products. Share your link and tell them about FREE shipping on orders of $40 or more. For example, you might write:

In case you didn’t see the earlier post about my new business, I’m excited to announce that I’m an Avon representative now! I’m waiting for my starter kit to arrive, with brochures and samples to pass out, but in the mean time, check out my Avon web store. You’re not even going to believe all of the great items Avon now offers! (Mention something specific that you’re personally excited about here.) Check it out! There’s FREE shipping on orders of $40 or more! http://www.youravon.com/amydeline

STEP 4 – GO LIVE!! – (I HIGHLY recommend trying this idea!!) When your starter kit arrives, don’t open it by yourself. Open it on a LIVE video on Facebook!! Facebook Live can be a tremendously powerful way to connect with your potential customers and generate interest and excitement. When you go live, all of your friends are immediately notified that you’re currently live. They’re all going to be curious to see what you’re doing on video, so they’ll tune in to watch. On video, open your kit for the first time. Take out the items one by one and show everyone what you’ve received in your Avon business supplies kit. Show your excitement about everything in your kit. As you pull out the brochures, show the beautiful covers. Ask people to comment if they’d like you to drop off or mail a brochure to them. Maybe flip through one of the brochures and mention the great things you see. Pull out the samples and talk about what products you have samples available for. Perhaps, smell a fragrance sample and talk about how wonderful it smells, or try one of the little lipstick samples. If you’re excited about the items, your potential customers will get excited too! Take out the full-sized products in your kit. Try the lotion on your hands. Talk about how great it feels. Conclude your video by letting people know how excited you are about this new venture. Ask who would like a brochure. Provide your web store address and let them know how easy it is to shop online. Most of all, have fun and be yourself!

Kit image.jpeg

STEP 5 – HOST A GRAND OPENING EVENT – Plan a girls night Grand Opening party in your home to launch your Avon business. Invite a few friends over. Ask them to each bring a friend. Provide a few snacks and beverage. Make a nice display of whatever Avon samples and/or products you have on hand. Let your guests try some of the samples, while shopping the brochures. Consider offering a special Grand Opening discount. Be sure to offer them the special Daily Care bundle, six items for only $19.99!! (The Daily Care Bundle flyer will be included in your kit.) Another option is to host an online Grand Opening party, by setting up a group on Facebook, adding your friends to the group, and promoting the great products Avon offers, to encourage your online guests to shop your web store.

STEP 6 – INVITE CUSTOMERS INTO YOUR STORE – Your Avon business may not have a physical storefront, but you DO have a store. Your store is online and in the brochures. If you want people to shop your store, you need to invite them in. Your kit will come well-stocked with brochures for your first two campaigns. Label those brochures with your contact info and pass out your first set of brochures. (Save the other set for next campaign.) Save one copy of the brochure for yourself, but get all the rest into customer hands. A few days later, follow-up with those potential customers. Following up is a way of showing great customer service. Ask them if they have any questions about the items in the brochure. Tell them about Avon’s product guarantee. Point out a great deal or an item you think they’ll love. Ask them if there’s anything they’d like to order this campaign. Consider sweetening the pot with a little discount or free gift with their first order!



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