If you’re a member of my team, then you know I’ve currently got a two-day challenge running, where you can earn entries by collecting orders from NEW customers who have never ordered from you before.

To help you out, I wanted to give you a few strategies you can try out. These strategies can be used anytime you feel like you need to build your customer list and grow your sales.

Oftentimes, getting that first order from a customer is the hardest. Once they try the amazing Avon products and experience your top-notch customer service, they’ll likely be back for more!!


Here are FIVE easy strategies for quickly gaining a new customer:

  1. CALL A FRIEND FOR HELP – Reach out to your friends (near or far). Tell them you’ve been challenged to find a new customer fast, and ask if they’d like to give Avon a try. Suggest some products you think they’d love and remind them that all of Avon’s products are guaranteed for 90 days from purchase, so if they don’t love it, they can return it for a complete refund. Maybe offer your friend a small free gift or discount as a thank you!
  2. SAMPLES FOR THE SALE – Bring samples or a demo item (fragrances work well for this) wherever you’re going that day (work, park,  book club, shopping, laundromat, a child’s sports practice, etc.). Offer everyone you meet a FREE sample. Let them try the sample on the spot (or as soon as they get home). Tell them you’re offering a 20% discount (or whatever amount you’d like to offer, free gift, etc.) on that item for one day only. Remind them of the guarantee. Close the sale!
  3. BE SOCIAL – Use Facebook to spread the word far and wide! Hold a limited time special incentive for orders made through your web store. For example: TODAY ONLY, anyone who places an Avon order of $25 or more through my Avon web store will receive a special thank you gift in the mail from me. Small items like mascaras, glimmersticks, etc. work well for affordable, easy-to-mail gifts. A bundle of Avon beauty samples could be another fun gift.
  4. A FRIEND OF YOURS IS A CUSTOMER OF MINE – Contact your current customers. Ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in Avon. Give them a brochure to pass along to that person. Tell them that if their friend places an order from you within such and such time, they’ll BOTH get a discount on their orders that campaign!
  5. THE SKIN CARE CHALLENGE – Announce a limited time skin care challenge. They agree to try the Avon skin care item of their choice for 30 days. If they don’t love it more than what they were using before, you’ll give them a complete refund and a little gift to thank them for participating. If they DO love it more than their previous skin care, you’ll offer them a nice discount on their next purchase of the item. Help them to select skin care items appropriate for their needs, then close the sale! (Use the online Skin Care Specialist course in the Avon University section of youravon.com to polish up your knowledge of Avon skin care products.)

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