So, you fell off track with your Avon business?

It’s ok! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Maybe life got busy and you fell out of your Avon routine. Or maybe sales were slow and you got discouraged. Or maybe you hit a roadblock that you didn’t know how to get around.


Regardless of what caused you to fall off track with your Avon business,  what happens next is up to YOU, and YOU alone!

YOU are the boss of your Avon business, which means that YOU decide whether you’d like to wander farther off-track or whether you’d like to get yourself back on track, and headed towards success!

With Avon, the treasure is yours for the taking! It’s just a matter of staying the course and asking for help if you get a little lost along the way.

bYvO3.jpgHere is a step-by-step guide to getting back on track with your Avon business:

  1. Log back into **If your account was removed, you will need to click “Register” to sign in with your account number and district number. Ask your upline mentor, if you can not remember that information. You can reinstate your own account for up to 26 campaigns following removal, as long as your account was in good standing when you left.
  2. Order yourself some current brochures. Brochures are the lifeline of our business. Get yourself some current brochures to begin passing out to customers again. Order at least 2-3 packs of brochures. The more brochures you pass out, the more potential orders you can collect! Brochures get less expensive, the more you order. You can get one pack of 10 brochures for $6.49 OR for only $2.40 more, you can get 20 brochures!!
  3. While you’re waiting for your brochures to arrive, make a list of ALL of your potential customers. List everyone you can think of. Also, check out my guide to building and expanding your potential customer list.
  4. When your brochures arrive, label them with your contact info and begin passing them out to the people on your list.
  5. If you’ve been off-track for a while, consider offering a Grand Re-Opening special, such as a FREE sample bundle with order or FREE gift with orders of $25 or more or a small discount on orders of any size! Customers love a little incentive and it will help you to rebuild your customer base!
  6. Promote your web store regularly on social media. The new AVON SOCIAL tool makes promoting your business online even easier!! Web store orders are EASY money! Customers pay Avon directly, Avon processes and ships the order to your customer, YOU get the earnings!!
  7. Check to find out your next order date, by clicking Profile on the top of the page to view your order schedule.
  8. A few days prior to your order date, follow-up with everyone you’ve given a brochure to. Let them know you’ll be submitting your order soon and ask what you can get them. Perhaps recommend a few products you think they’ll love or point out a great deal! Don’t assume that not hearing from your customers means they’re not interested. Life gets busy for all of us, so sometimes your customers might just need a little friendly reminder.
  9. Place your order on your order date, for the lowest possible shipping fee. Be sure to order yourself more brochures for the upcoming campaigns!
  10. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first steps back onto the path to success! You’ve got this!!



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