It’s very easy for someone to join your Avon team, by starting their own Avon business!

Have your new team member go to and be sure that they enter your REFERENCE CODE where it is asked for.

After they complete their information and select their starter kit, they will be an official Avon representative. You will receive an email to inform you that you have a “successful self-appointment” to let you know that you have a new team member.


How Do I Know My Reference Code?

Your reference code is the same as whatever comes past the / in your web store address. For example, my web store address is, which means that my reference code is: amydeline

What Does It Cost To Join Avon?

When your new team member starts their business, they will pay a $30 enrollment fee, which will give them instant access to their online store, Avon U Training, Avon Social, and more!! They’ll also get to select a free welcome gift bundle!!

What Should I Do After Someone Joins My Team?

As soon as someone has joined your team, it’s time to give them a great, big Avon welcome!! Welcome your new team member to Avon and offer to answer any questions that they have. Help them to understand things such as our flexible ordering schedule, how to share their online store/digital brochure, how to order and use the printed brochures, how to follow-up with customers, and how to use Avon Social. Keep in touch with your new team member as they get started with their business. If you’re new to starting a team, talk to your Avon upline mentor for tips on how to best support your new team member!

What Do I Get When Someone Joins My Team?

When you mentor your new team member towards success with placing a 1st or 2nd order of $150 or more, Avon will reward you with a $20 bonus. You will also receive a 3% sponsoring bonus on your team member’s sales, every campaign, for as long as you are both active Avon representatives. **If you are still a new representative, in the 7-campaign Kickstart period, your bonus will be $50 instead of $20!!


The image below shows how to find your reference code, along with steps for someone to join your team

How to Sign Someone Up Online.jpg

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