If you had a store, would you only invite 10 people in to browse every two weeks, knowing that not all 10 will make a purchase?

If you’re only purchasing one pack of brochures each campaign, that’s exactly what you’re doing! You’re closing the door to higher sales and higher earnings!

As a general rule of thumb, the more brochures that you get into hands, the greater your potential for higher sales!

If you want to experience the difference that more brochures can make, take the 50 Brochure Challenge!


The 50 Brochure Challenge


Here’s how to participate in the challenge:

STEP 1 – Order 5 packs of brochures with your next order. 5 packs (50 brochures) will cost you $15.09 (30 cents per brochure), but I’m going to show you how you can potentially turn that $15.09 into much more in profit.

STEP 2 – Make it your mission to get those brochures into the hands of 50 current or new potential customers. If you’re thinking, “But I don’t even know 50 people,”  see my tips below.

STEP 3 – Follow-up with those 50 people a few days before you will be submitting your order. IMPORTANT – Do NOT skip this step! It’s essential for success!!

Your follow-up can be as simple as a short message to each person you gave a brochure to.

Sample Follow-up Message:

Hi _______! I just wanted to check in to see if you have any questions about the items in the brochure I gave you or if there’s anything you’d like to try a sample of. I’ll be placing an order on ___________ and I’d be happy to add anything you’d like to the order!


If you still need convincing about accepting the challenge, consider these two scenarios:


You pass out 10 brochures (at a cost of $6.49 – 65 cents per brochure).

Let’s say that 2 out of those 10 people place an order.

Let’s say that between the two orders, you end up with sales of $75.

That puts you at the 20% earnings level – $15 in earnings.

After accounting for the $6.49 you spent on brochures and the portion of shipping that wasn’t covered by the 75 cents order processing fee you charged the two customers, you’re left with a few bucks.

Scenario #1 Investment: $6.49

Scenario #1 Profit: Less than $10


You pass out 50 brochures (at a cost of $15.09 – 30 cents per brochure).

Let’s say that 10 out of those 50 people place an order. (That’s the same proportion we used in the first scenario – two orders for every ten brochures you pass out.)

Let’s say that between those ten orders, you have sales of $375 (also the same proportion as in the first scenario).

Now you’re at the 35% earnings level – $131 in earnings!!

After accounting for the $15.09 you spent on brochures, you’ve still got over $100 profit in your hands!!

BONUS: With 10 customers (instead of two), most of the shipping cost will be covered by charging each customer the 75 cents order processing fee, which means you get to keep even more of your profit!

Scenario #2 Investment: $15.09

Scenario #2 Profit: Over $100

How do I find 50 people to give brochures to?

  1. People You Know – Make a list of everyone that you can think of… friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, people you run into on a regular basis. Give them each a brochure, even if you’ve given them one in the past and they didn’t place an order.
  2. Friend Referrals – Give an extra brochure to each person on your list. Ask them to share the other brochure with a friend. Offer a thank you gift or discount on their own order, if they bring you an order from a friend.
  3. People You Don’t Know (Yet) – As you encounter people during your day to day activities, offer them a brochure. (Sometimes it feels easier to do this, when you’re offering a little free sample bundle at the same time.) Ask for contact information so that you can let them know about upcoming specials. (Collecting contact information is important, whenever possible, so that you can complete the follow-up for Step 3 of the challenge.)
  4. Distribute the Brochures in Your Neighborhood and/or Leave the Brochures in Waiting Rooms, Laundromats, Community Rooms, etc. The best results will come from getting the brochures into the hands of people you can follow-ip with, but distributing the remaining brochures to neighbors and in places where people gather can be a good way to get more brochures into the hands of new potential customers. TIP: When leaving brochures places where you do not know who will take them, give people a reason to contact you, so that you can gather contact information for future follow-up. For example, you may wish to label the brochures with some like, “Contact me to be included in this campaign’s free product giveaway!”

Check out these resources for more ideas on how to find 50 people to give brochures to:

Quick Tips for Greater Success:

  • Offer a special New Customer discount
  • Pass out even more than 50 brochures
  • Have samples available to offer
  • Run a limited time special deal
  • Be sure you have contact information from as many people as possible in order to follow-up
  • Promote the A-Box on the back of the brochure to encourage orders of $40+
  • Put your Web Store address on every brochure

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