Avon Mentor Guide: To-Do List for Successful Mentors

Finding someone to join your Avon team is just the beginning. Once a new team member has signed up, your most important job begins. As their upline mentor, you have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact each team member’s experience with Avon.

Your support, enthusiasm, availability, and willingness to share your skills and knowledge can all go a long way towards helping your team members to build successful businesses and to reach their personal goals with Avon. And when your team members are achieving (or exceeding their goals), they will stick around longer, which will ultimately help you to continue growing a beautiful, successful team.

When you’re just getting started with a team, you may find it fairly easy to keep track of welcoming, training, and recognizing all of your team members. As your team grows, it’s helpful to have a consistent routine for monitoring, supporting, and motivating your team members, to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of your team members in a regularly and consistently.

Always remember that when you help your team members to be successful in reaching their goals, YOU will become more successful at reaching your own! Focus your energies on helping your team members achieve success. Your own success will follow as a result!

In this blog post, I am going to outline a routine, which I believe covers the most important actions to take each day, each campaign, and each month, in order to successfully and consistently support your growing team. This is not a comprehensive list of everything that you could or should do to support your team, but it is an outline of the things I believe are the most essential for effectively mentoring your beautiful team!

TIP: Creating email templates in VIBE, for your routine contacts, is a great time-saver!


Welcome New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify representatives who just signed up (as a member of your 1st generation).

  • Send welcome email – Send an enthusiastic welcome email as quickly as possible after a new representative has signed up.
  • Mail a welcome letter – Be sure to include all of your contact info, order schedule, and information about Kickstart in your letter.
  • Make a welcome phone call – Whenever possible, call the same day or the very next morning to welcome your new team member. Introduce yourself, find out a bit about what brought your new team member to Avon and what their personal goals are, offer to answer any current questions and let them know that you are available to support them when their kit arrives and as they get started with their new business.
  • Record notes in VIBE – Use the Notes feature, on each team member’s profile in VIBE, to record when you have mailed the welcome letter, made the welcome phone call, etc. Record notes about your welcome call, which will be helpful to remember about your new team member’s personal goals, concerns, interests, etc. Routinely recording notes in the Notes feature on VIBE can help you to personalize your connections with each team member, which can help you to build long-term partnerships and friendships with your team members.

Train New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify team members who should have received starter kit (usually within 3-4 days after signing up). Contact them to review kit and provide tips for getting started. Provide info about order schedule, Kickstart goals and bonuses, selling the Daily Care Collection, finding customers, following up with customers, tips for building sales, promoting their online store, etc.

Welcome 2nd-5th Generation Team Members – After allowing a day or two for the immediate upline mentor to welcome their new team member, send an email to introduce yourself to new team members in your 2nd – 5th generations. Offer support, invite them to join your team Facebook group, and let them know that you work together with their immediate upline to help support all members of the team. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for welcoming 2nd-5th generation team members.

Support New Leaders – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify when someone on your team has recruited their first team member(s). Congratulate your new leader and guide them step-by-step through the process of welcoming and training their new team member. Treat these new team members as your own and offer them a high level of support, as you mentor the new leader on your team, until they become confident and independent at welcoming and training their new team members. The goal is to ensure that all new team members get the support they need, at the same time as teaching your new leader how to effectively mentor they team.

Recognize 1st Orders – Use the Additions Report to identify when a new representative has placed their 1st order. Send an email or text to congratulate them on their 1st order. Celebrate their 40% earnings. Offer a reminder about paying off any remaining balance on their order by the following campaign. Inform them of their 2nd campaign Kickstart goal ($150) and offer tips. Check this report daily in order to provide the most timely recognition and support for your newest team members. If you notice a new team member who has an order on hold, reach out to them to explain the payment process. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for recognizing first orders and providing tips for next steps.

Engage on Facebook – Engage with your team in a team Facebook group. When your team is very small, you may wish to just be sure your team members are in your upline’s group(s) and make yourself a visible, active participant there. Once you have a handful of team members, you may wish to set up your own Facebook group too. Facebook groups are a great way to be engaged and social with your team members. Post in your group often with tips, motivation, information, and strategies. Try to generate engagement in your group by asking questions. Respond to anyone who asks questions in your group. TIP: Use Avon Social to schedule a variety of posts for the week, to ensure regular, daily engagement.

Respond to Contacts – Reply quickly to emails, voicemail messages, texts, etc. Be sure to check for messages often and respond as quickly as you can. If you’re unable to call someone back right away, send an email or text to let them know when you’ll be in touch. Being easily available for your team members will help them to feel well supported.

Grow Your Team – Take steps to grow your team each day by reaching out to personal or ALMA prospects, promoting your business online, and practicing the 5×5 model of making 5 contacts, 5 days a week to share Avon products and the Avon opportunity with others. Follow-up with all recent leads with an informative email, personal call, and mailed postcard, recruiting booklet, or letter.


Beginning of Campaign

Send a Campaign Newsletter Email – Once a campaign, send an email to your team as a sort of campaign newsletter. Include info on a few of your favorite upcoming products, offer sales tips, share info about current incentives, recognize successful team members, and offer your support. TIP: Create a reusable email template for your newsletter, which you can easily update each campaign.

Upcoming 1st Orders – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify new team members who have their expected 1st order coming up, or who missed their expected 1st order in a previous campaign. Reach out to to offer 1st order tips, reminders, and support. TIP: A simple text can be a great way to offer new team members 1st order support and to remind them of upcoming order dates and their 40% Kickstart earnings.

During the Campaign

Check in with Brand New Team Members – Use the Pending Report in VIBE to identify new team members who have not yet placed an order. Check in with them about once a week to offer help, answer questions, and ensure that they’re having success. If they’re struggling to find their first customers, help them to develop a list of prospects. Provide tips and strategies for passing out brochures, following up to collect orders, promoting their web store online, etc. Offer encouragement and reminders about their order timeline.

Check in with Kickstart Reps – Use the Representative Search Report (set to LOA 1-7) to identify your team members who are still in the Kickstart Program. Check in with them to see how things are going, remind them of Kickstart goals (to get the 40% earnings), and offer support.

Text a Quick Tip – Texting can be a very effective way to contact many team members. Once a campaign, send a quick sales tip and offer of support to your team members. Keep it short and sweet. For example: This is Amy, your Avon upline mentor. Quick Tip: Our new Avon Social tool makes promoting your business online fast and easy. Check it out! Contact me if there’s anything I can do to help!

Try to Re-engage Inactive or Removed Team Members – Use the No Orders/Inactivity Report and Removals Report to identify team members who have been inactive or removed. Reach out to offer support and motivation. Share info on any new programs, supports, or incentives, which may motivate and encourage them to get back on track.

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities – Participate in the training opportunities, webinars, workshops, and conference calls which are offered. Not only does this model the behaviors of a successful representative for your team members, but it is also the best way to stay in the loop about all of the upcoming products, incentives, and resources available to grow your own business and to help your team members grow theirs.

Mentor Leaders – Throughout each campaign, stay in touch with the leaders on your team. Help them to develop a plan for achieving their goals. Coach them in developing their mentor skills and supporting their team. Continuously look for new leadership potential within your team. Reach out to those team members to discuss the leadership opportunity and the steps for getting started.

End of the Campaign

Last Call for Orders – A few days before the flexible ordering campaign window is about the close, use the Sales Report in VIBE to identify anyone who has not yet placed an order that campaign. Send an email to let them know that they still have time to place an order. Let them know when the campaign window will be closing. Offer support for finding customers, building sales, and placing orders. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE to remind team members when the campaign ordering window is about the close.

Recognize top sellers, title advancements, incentive achievers, etc. – At the close of each campaign, use VIBE to identify top sellers (Sales Report), leaders who have advanced in title (Action Alerts Panel), and team members who have earned incentives (Recognition Report and/or Static Reports for each incentive). Recognize them on your team Facebook page, email, and/or a personal message.

Welcome Back Team Members – At the close of each campaign, use the Additions Report in VIBE to identify when a former team member has reinstated their account. Reach out to them to welcome them back and offer support as they get back on track with their business. TIP: Create a reusable email template in VIBE for welcoming back team members.

Recognize Kickstart Goal Achievers – At the close of each campaign, use the Sales Report (sorted by LOA) to identify Kickstart representatives. Recognize those who have met their Kickstart goal for the campaign. Offer support to those who haven’t. Offer reminders about the next Kickstart goal and the campaign deadline. TIP: Create reusable email templates in VIBE for recognizing Kickstart achievers.



Anniversaries/Birthdays – Use the Avon Anniversaries and Birthday reports in VIBE to anniversaries and birthdays occurring during the month. Send an email or e-card to recognize these milestones. Bonus points for the personal touch if you mail an actual greeting card!

Follow-Up with Prospects  – About once a month, reach out to all leads and prospects, as far back as you can go. Send an email which shares something new and exciting that is happening at Avon (new incentives, new products, new tools, etc.). Offer to answer any questions or provide additional information. Provide the http://www.startavon.com link and your reference code. You never know when the time will be right for someone to start their Avon business!

Team Meetings – Host some sort of team meeting once a month, online and/or in person. The new Meeting-in-a-Box (available to Bronze Ambassadors and above) is a great resource for hosting the meeting.


Check-In – Check in with all team members to see if they are satisfied with their business and/or whether their goals have changed.

Generate Engagement and Fun – Host fun events (in-person or online) to generate engagement and enthusiasm. Things like “Team Appreciation Week” or “Giveaway Day” can motivate team members to join and/or check in on your team Facebook group. Use the increased activity as a way of sharing a few important tips and updates.

Host Trainings – Offer learning opportunities, such as webinars, conference calls, or video meetings on specific topics, based on your team members’ interests and needs.

Help Plot a Course to Success – Generate excitement about new incentives and help team members to plot a plan for achieving them.




#1 – Remember that people come to Avon for different reasons. Take steps to get to know each of your team members and to understand their personal goals. (Use the Notes feature on VIBE as a way to keep track of goals.) Focus your supports on each team member’s personal goals, regardless of whether they simply want to save on their own purchases or build a full-time business.

#2 – Offer support without pressure.  Remember that we are each the boss of our own business. Not everyone wants to build a massive sales business or start a team. That’s the nice thing about Avon – they don’t have to! Be sure that all of your team members know what is possible, but then try to tailor your support to meet their personal goals.

#3 – Communicate with your team and offer support in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of your team members. Different people have different communication preferences. Use phone calls/conference calls, emails, texts, Facebook, live videos, recorded videos, images, etc.

#4 – Don’t over-email or over-text. Your team members are also receiving emails from Avon directly and other uplines. Too many emails can be overwhelming. Be judicious and try to keep information clear, relevant, and accurate.

#5 – Use the New Rep. Tool Kit section of this blog to support your team members. There are a number of resources there which answer the most frequently asked questions, provide tips for brand new reps, and offer step-by-step tutorials on topics like placing a first order.

#6 – Don’t assume that someone has gotten the information just because you have emailed it. Some people do not check emails regularly, some emails may get sent to a spam/junk folder, and sometimes people intend to read an email at a later point, then lose track of it. If you’re emailing something important, follow up with a text and/or phone to call ensure it’s been received.

#7 – Be consistent with your communications. Your team members should always know that you are available and eager to help.

#8 – Provide your newest team members the highest level of support. Communicate most regularly with your newest team members. The first few campaigns are a great time to get to know each other and establish the basis of a long-term partnership.

#9 – Be easy to reach and fast to respond. Make sure that your team members know how to reach you. Check your email and voicemail messages regularly. Reply back as quickly as you’re able.

#10 – Be a role model for successful sales and leadership – Teaching your team members to be successful with their sales starts with YOU. Each campaign, make an effort to grow your own sales. Practice what you preach. Try out new strategies for finding customers and growing your sales, so that you can then share those ideas and experiences with your team members.



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