I just returned from an amazing cruise to Bermuda, which I earned (for myself AND a guest) through Avon’s recent Cruise Like a Boss incentive.

Avon covered everything from the transportation to the port, the cruise (in oceanview balcony rooms), the deluxe drink package, internet access, and more! Hundreds of incentive achievers partied together for six days, enjoying everything the beautiful ship and Bermuda had to offer!


The only thing missing was YOU!!

Aside from an amazingly flexible earning opportunity, Avon frequently offers a variety of additional opportunities to earn other fun prizes and incentives. Each year, for as long as I’ve been a representative, there has been some sort of BIG trip incentive.

During the past few years, I have earned all-inclusive trips to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and Atlantis in the Bahamas. I earned this year’s cruise to Bermuda and the Avon “PRPC” trip to Disney World (which I brought my kids along to). I’ve earned travel costs, hotel rooms and VIP party invites for national Avon conferences and RepFests in Orlando, Vegas, and Nashville. I’ve earned a variety of other fun rewards, including a 46″ television, a KitchenAid mixer, a fit tracker, an Avon-logo popcorn machine, jewelry, cash, and more!


The reason I’m telling you about those trips and rewards is not to show off, but to demonstrate that all of these incentives that Avon offers are truly achievable! YOU could be earning these rewards. It’s not about being lucky or being the best Avon rep who’s ever existed. For each incentive, Avon outlines exactly what is required. Earning these incentives is quite simply about understanding what you need to do, making a plan, and putting that plan into action (with stubborn determination).

Believe me, when I signed up to get started, less than five years ago, I never in a million years imagined that I’d be traveling the world on luxurious all-inclusive vacations, courtesy of Avon. (Heck, I didn’t even join Avon with the intention of making money, let alone to earn free vacations each year!) I’m a regular person, just like you. My life is busy and unpredictable, just like yours. I build my customer base, one customer at a time, just like you. I started my team with just one team member, just like every new leader. And yet, here I am, living a dream it never even occurred to me to dream of.

My point is this… It IS possible to earn these incentives. I’ve done it again and again (and will do it again whenever I have the chance). I can teach you how to do it too, if you’re willing to put in the effort (and then we’ll celebrate together, with a cocktail, on some tropical beach, once you do)!


At the point that I am writing this, the next big trip incentive has not yet been announced. (If last year was any indication, I predict that we may hear more about the next big trip incentive at RepFest this summer.) Wherever it is, I have no doubt that it will be AMAZING. I also have every confidence that it will be ACHIEVABLE for anyone who sets their mind on achieving it.

Always remember that YOU hold the key to your success. Avon has provided us with a fantastic line-up of products that customers will want, along with a genuine opportunity to earn as much as we choose, working our businesses in the way that best works for us. Avon provides us with a variety of training, support, and one-on-one mentoring through Avon U, Campaign Insider, the Avon USA Representatives Facebook group, a variety of monthly webinars, local workshops, the leadership structure (your upline mentor), and the coach program. On top of that, other successful representatives eagerly share tried-and-true strategies for Avon success on youtube, Facebook, and through blogs like this one.

We’ve got great products, a genuine opportunity, and plentiful supports. What you do with those things is up to you!

The following are my top ten tips for achieving just about any incentive that Avon offers.


TIP #1 – Start NOW, before you even know what the incentive will be! There is no better time than to build a strong, profitable business and to develop the routines, which will ultimately earn you incentives than RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to hear about the next incentive. Get your business in shape now! Then, when Avon does announce the next big incentive, you can just slide right into earning those points, doing the things which will already be routine for you!

TIP #2 – Focus on building both your personal sales AND a team. The past few big incentives have been earned through a combination of both personal sales and leadership accomplishments. Get out there and connect with new people each day, always sharing both Avon products AND the Avon opportunity, so that you can add to your customer list, grow your sales, and build a team of other Avon representative (who you can then teach to be successful with their own sales and team-building, so that they can earn trips and rewards too)!

TIP #3 – Start early and work as if you have half the time you really have!! Once Avon announces the next incentive, start working towards it right away. Don’t wait. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling for points at the end of the incentive period, without options for earning them. Plan to work harder than you think you need to early in the incentive period. Earning as many points as you can in the beginning of the incentive will give you a buffer of time, in case everything doesn’t go according to plan (which it hardly ever does).

TIP #4 – Speaking of PLANS, make a plan!! Most people do not earn these big incentives without some level of deliberate effort. It’s unlikely that you’re going to earn a cruise to Bermuda on accident, and luck has nothing to do with these incentives. So, read the incentive guide when Avon posts it. Understand what is required. Figure out how you will earn those points. What sales goals will you aim for? How many team members will you recruit? How will you get the necessary sales and team members? Make a plan, then get busy!

TIP #5 – Reevaluate your plan each campaign. Look for opportunities to earn more points. For example, are you close to advancing in title, which could earn you additional points? What actions can you take to make it happen? Do you have a team member you can mentor to advancing in title, which could earn you even more points? Do you need to boost your sales, recruit more team members, or accelerate your pace? Avon typically provides us with tracking reports in VIBE, which you can use to monitor your progress and adjust your plan, campaign by campaign.

TIP #6 – Plan for more than you actually need. If you think you need 5 new team members to get the necessary points, plan to recruit 10. The reality of the situation is that regardless of how much effort you put into mentoring your new team members, some of them may not place the necessary order and some of them may not pay for their orders on time. Don’t allow your success be determined by things you can not control. Take charge of your success. Build a backup plan into your main plan!

TIP #7 – Be willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone. In order to meet the criteria for any Avon incentive, you will likely have to stretch outside of your comfort zone and do things differently than you’ve been doing them. You may need to take steps to find new customers and boost your sales. If you’ve never recruited a team member, you’re going to need to start approaching people. It can be scary to do things differently than we’ve been doing them, but it can also be a tremendous learning opportunity, which can drastically alter our business success. The things that you do in working towards this incentive, will boost your business for the long-term!!

TIP #8 – Be determined. Do not give up after a couple campaigns if you have not yet succeeded in reaching the sales goals or recruiting new team members. If you’re slow out of the gate with earning points, step back, evaluate what you’ve been doing, and then make a plan to change your trajectory. Talk to your upline mentor if you’re struggling. Let them help you to make a plan to achieve your goals. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

TIP #9 – Don’t try. DO!! Do not go into the incentive trying to earn it. Don’t tell people that you’re going to “see what happens“.  These are things we say to protect ourselves from the possibility of failure, but you are in control of your success. Don’t accept failure as an option. Tell as many people as possible that you will be going on that trip, to make yourself accountable. Mark the dates on your calendar. Take the time off from work. Commit yourself firmly to earning that incentive. When you speak about the incentive, speak with confidence about how you WILL earn it, not about how you’re going to try to earn it.

Tip #10 – Remember… Everything you do to earn these incentives is going to have a long-lasting positive impact on your business. You will find new customers, which will grow your sales and earnings campaign after campaign. You may reach President’s Club recognition level, and enjoy that 40% earnings the whole following year! You will find new team members and earn bonuses when they are successful, campaign after campaign. You may advance in leadership title and earn a higher % bonus, campaign after campaign.

Working towards Avon incentives will transform your business and boost your earnings for the long-term!! Even if things don’t come together for you to earn the incentive (which they will, because you will accept no other option), all of your efforts will be worth it!


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