Do you want the bad news or the good news first?

Ok, let’s start with the BAD NEWS

Building a successful Avon business does NOT happen overnight. 

If you were expecting to have a huge, flourishing business, with customers knocking down your door to buy stuff from you the moment you announced your business or passed out your first brochures, you may end up feeling discouraged.

Keep reading for the good news…

Successful businesses develop gradually, as the result of a series of SMALL, REPEATED ACTIONS, taken CONSISTENTLY over time.

The GOOD NEWS is that it does not take monumental, time-consuming efforts to grow a successful business. It simply takes a series of small efforts, repeated regularly. It takes perseverance (especially if don’t see results right away). Every step that you take to grow your business, every new contact you make, every brochure you put into someone’s hand, every Facebook post which catches someone’s eye makes a difference. Keep taking those small steps in the right direction and success will catch up to you!

Here are 10 SIMPLE and FAST (5 minutes or less) things you can do ANY DAY (or EVERYday) to grow your business:

SHARE YOUR DIGITAL BROCHURE LINK – Did you know that you have a personal digital brochure link, which is totally FREE for you to share with an unlimited number of potential customers?? The digital brochure is an exact replica of the printed brochure. The only difference is that customers click instead of flip to see the next page. There is also a version of the digital brochure which is highly interactive, with virtual makeover tools, foundation shade-matching tools, tutorials, and more! You can find both versions of your digital brochure on your online store. Hover over the “Digital Catalog” tab on your online store, then select the version you’d like to share. Copy that URL and share that link through email, text, messenger, or on your Facebook page!


ORDER MORE BROCHURESHow many brochures do you have on hand to pass out? More brochures in front of more eyes will lead to more customers! Brochures come in packs of ten and get less expensive the more packs you order. You can turn that tiny business expense into a lot more in profit!! Click HERE for more tips on the power of the good ol’ printed Avon brochure!

READ THE WHAT’S NEW – Take a few minutes to browse the upcoming What’s New catalogs. This small investment of your time will prepare you to be successful at selling in the upcoming campaigns. In addition to being able to order upcoming items at a discount from the What’s New catalogs, the pages are filled with tons of valuable product info and sales tips from some of Avon’s top sellers! (If you do not have a paper copy of the What’s New catalog on hand, go to and click on “Shop What’s New” from the menu on the left side of the order screen to view the digital versions of the latest What’s New catalogs.)

CHECK OUT THE WEEKLY “BEAUTY BUZZ” and AVONNOW CALENDAR – Go to the homepage of and scroll down to the BEAUTY BUZZ section, which offers the highlights on each week’s biggest opportunities. Also be sure to check out your AvonNow CALENDAR (under the Manage Business tab) where you’ll find link’s to each week’s training opportunities. The more you LEARN, the more you’ll EARN!!

HANG BROCHURES FROM YOUR CAR – Running errands today? Stick a suction cup hook on the back of your car (available in the bath/shower section of many stores). Place brochures into “Clear Literature Bags” (available in the Sales Tools section of and hang them from the hook while you shop, so that new potential customers can grab a brochure as they pass by!

WEAR AVON “COMPLIMENT CATCHERS” – Wear Avon jewelry, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, fragrance, etc. When someone comments on how much they like your necklace (shoes, purse, etc.) let them know that it’s from your business. When they ask about your business, offer a brochure! (Be sure to always have brochures on hand!) Staying Socially-Distanced?? Take pics of yourself wearing Avon fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. and share your pics on social media!

MAKE A NEW FRIEND – Chat with someone new as you’re out and about or engage in a conversation with someone new online. Don’t worry about trying to talk about Avon right away. Simply connect with new people each day, get to know them and understand their needs, and stay alert for opportunities where Avon may be the solution to their needs. The wider your network of friends, the wider your network of potential customers! Get friendly!

LEAVE BROCHURE(S) SOMEWHERE NEW – Keep brochures on hand as you’re out and about. Leave one for your waitress at lunch, hand one to the drive-thru attendant, leave a few in a waiting room or laundromat. TIP: Stick a label on the front which gives people a reason to contact you, for example “Contact me to be entered in my monthly giveaway” or “Contact me for a free beauty sample bundle”.

GIVE FIVE PEOPLE A GIFT – Put five Avon sample bundles in your purse. As you’re out and about, hand the bundles to five lucky people! (Be sure to include a business card or something else with your contact info on it.)

POST ONLINE – Post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) to share some of your favorite products or to promote the campaign’s best deals. Incorporate Avon posts onto your personal page too, but remember to keep your personal page posts personal! Rather than just posting images of products and your web store link, post a picture of yourself wearing a new Avon outfit or showing off how great our mascara made your lashes look! Social media can be an excellent tool for promoting your business and it only takes a few minutes each day to do!

FOLLOW-UP WITH CUSTOMERS – Send a message to a few current or new potential customers to ask if they have any questions about the latest brochure. Suggest an item you think they’d like or a great deal. Let them know when you’ll be submitting your next order!


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