In 1886, a traveling book salesman named David H. McConnell recruited a team of women to be sales representatives for his new business, The California Perfume Company, which would later be renamed as AVON.

In 1896, the first brochure was printed for the sales representatives to share the products.

And while there are many ways to go about selling Avon products, there’s nothing more tried and true than the good ol’ Avon brochure!! 

Our businesses live and breathe in the Avon brochures. Brochures are our store front. Getting brochures into hands is one of the most effective ways to invite potential customers into our business to shop.

As a general rule of thumb, if you want more customers to shop your Avon business, get more brochures in front of more eyes. Combine those brochures with a bit of follow-up to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Check out these tips for utilizing one of your most powerful sales tools – the good ol’ Avon brochure!!

TIP #1 – Consider Brochures As An Invitation

Think of the brochures as invitation to step inside your store and shop. How many people would you like to invite inside your store each campaign?? Remember, not everyone who sees a brochure will shop every campaign, so it’s important to get the brochure in front of as many eyes as possible, then follow-up to close the sale! The more people who browse the brochure, the more orders you’re likely to collect.

TIP #2 – Invest In Your Success

All things considered, the cost of running an Avon business is extremely low. We do not need to pay rent on a store front or utilities to run the store. We do not need to pay employees. We do not need to stock an inventory. What we DO need is a way to show potential customers the products we have to offer. The brochure is one of the most effective ways to do that. It is one of the best tools for connecting with more customers, generating more sales, and increasing your earnings!

Fortunately, the cost of brochures decreases the more packs we purchase, making it easy to invest in your Avon business success! Ask yourself again… How many people do you want to invite inside your Avon business each campaign? Get enough brochures to make it happen!

  • 1 pack of 10 Brochures: $6.49

  • 2 packs of 10 Brochures: $9.78

  • 3 packs of 10 Brochures: $12.54

  • 4 packs of 10 Brochures: $15.04

  • 5 packs of 10 Brochures: $16.50

Each pack of 10, after the first five packs, costs $3.30 – just 33 cents per brochure!!

TIP #3 – Printed Brochures Can Attract Online Customers Too!

Online shoppers like printed brochures too!! Getting our beautiful printed brochures into the hands of your online shoppers can help to boost your online sales! Whereas an email or Facebook post might strike customer interest for a moment, those things are gone and off their mind in a flash. A printed brochure provides a repeated nudge to browse and shop, every time your potential customer catches a glance of it. They may flip through it multiple times, each time noticing new items and becoming more interested in the items which first caught their attention. Every time they browse, they’ll get closer to making the purchase!

When delivering brochures, don’t forget your online shoppers. Mailing brochures to non-local customers can be a great way to keep your customers engaged. Check out as a convenient and cost-effective way to send brochures to non-local customers. You can even customize the label which appears on the brochures you send!

TIP #4 – Utilize FREE Digital Brochure Resources Too!

Nothing beats the effectiveness of our beautiful printed brochures, but we also have a number of ways to share the brochure digitally, which is totally FREE to do! Check out these ways to share the digital brochure:

YOUR ONLINE STORE – Go to your online store. Click “Brochure”, then copy the URL for that page to share with potential customers through email, Facebook, messenger, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.38.22 AM.png

AVONNOW.COM – Go to the representative site, and click the box which says BROCHURES. Click on the image of the brochure you’d like to share, then click on the icons to share your brochure on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or by email. You can even download a PDF of the entire brochure!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.37.01 AM.png

TIP #5 – Make It Routine

One of the most important things about sharing the brochure is to do it consistently. Every customer will not order every campaign, but consistently offering brochures lets your customers know that you are open for business and inspires interest in the wide variety of products we have to offer. It’s unlikely that customers are going to bang down your door to ask you what items you have for sale. We need to show them, and the brochures are one of the most effective ways to do that.

Set a routine that you can stick to, for delivering printed brochures and sharing the digital brochure. Figure out who needs to get a brochure and how/when you’ll get it to them. It may be helpful to make multiple brochure-delivery lists.

For example, you may make a lists of:

  • ALL current and potential new customers to email the digital brochure every campaign
  • Local customers who shop regularly/semi-regularly to deliver a printed brochure to every campaign
  • Local customers who shop occasionally to deliver occasional brochures to (perhaps once a month)
  • Non-local online customers to mail a brochure to at least once a month
  • Possible new customers to deliver/mail an occasional brochure to

TIP #5 – Get Brochures Into The Hands of People You Don’t Already Know

While many Avon representatives find their first customers amongst people they know (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) to grow your business even further, it’s important to get brochures into the hands of people you DON’T already know too!

There are lots and lots of ways to do this. Just to name a few…

  • Deliver throughout your neighborhood (there are “clear literature bags” available in our Sales Tools section, which are perfect for putting the brochures into, to hang on doorknobs)
  • Do a vendor event and pass out tons of brochures. Offer a free raffle basket at your table to collect contact info for follow-up.
  • Friend Referrals – Give each of your current customers a few extra brochures to share with people they know. Reward them with a discount of free Avon gifts if they bring you new customers
  • Ask about leaving brochures in local businesses and any place that people gather, like laundromats, waiting rooms, community centers, senior living facilities, lunch/break rooms, building lobbies, etc.

TIP #6 – The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Don’t just pass the brochures out, then sit by the phone waiting for the orders to come rolling in. Increase the effectiveness of every brochure you pass out with a bit of follow-up. It can be as simple as sending a message a few days later to offer to answer questions, point out great deals, and collect orders. Think of it as one of the helpful customer services you provide! Your customers will appreciate how easy and personal you make it to shop with you!

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