We have officially reached the most fun (and most profitable) sales season of the entire year!!

The combination of our beautiful holiday items, along with the introduction of our new CHI hair care lines, luxurious FACE SHOP skin care and cosmeticscharcoal whitening toothpastespa-worthy body scrubs, and exclusive Frozen 2 singing plushes offers us an incredible opportunity to connect with new customers and put more money in our pockets (right during the time of year that many of us need it most)!!

Remember, all of our holiday items are available in LIMITED SUPPLY. They WILL likely sell out.


With that in mind, I’ve put together TEN TIPS to help you make the most of our holiday products, while inventory is still strong for most items.

TIP #1 – Heavily PROMOTE the holiday items NOW by passing out tons of brochures and posting regularly on social media. Promote now while inventory of most items is strong.

TIP #2 – Take PRE-ORDERS for popular upcoming items (such as the FROZEN 2 singing plushes, which will become available at the start of Campaign 25 and will likely sell out quickly). Submit the orders as soon as the campaign ordering window opens. (C24 is open now. C25 will open 11/13.)

TIP #3 – Set customer expectations by advising them of how quickly our holiday items will sell out. That communicates a positive message about the popularity of our holiday items, along with a little urgency to order quickly.

TIP #4 – Use the Holiday Inventory Report (which is updated daily) to monitor the status of sold out items and items which are selling out fast. Update your customers on items selling fast, so they can get their orders placed quickly.

TIP #5 – Remind customers that they can always order through your online store for up-to-the-minute availability (so they don’t risk popular items selling out between the time they give you their order and the time you place it).

TIP #6 – Place customer orders quickly. Try to not to hold onto orders for more than a few days. Items may sell out during that waiting time.

TIP #7 – Order your inventory for holiday shopping parties and vendor events NOW, while the inventory of most items is still strong.

TIP #8 – Promote the holiday items, which are great attention-grabbers, but simultaneously SHARE, SAMPLE, and SELL all of our beautiful new CHI hair care, FACE SHOP skin care and cosmetics, luxurious body scrubs, whitening toothpaste, etc. Inventory of those items is very strong. Most importantly, those are the items that customers will continue to come back for time and time again, even after the holidays have passed. Those items will create livelong repeat customers, rather than one-time holiday shoppers!

TIP #9 – Use the “Join the Wait List” feature on avonnow.com to be notified as soon as temporarily backordered items are back in stock. (Items listed as “No Longer Available” will not be restocked and do not have a Wait List option.)

TIP #10 – Sell, sell, SELL!! This is the best of year to connect with new customers. Have fun getting out there and promoting your business during this exciting time of year!

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