Have you heard all of the amazing news about Avon’s newest products??

In addition to an out-of-this-world holiday collection, new anti-pollution Anew skin care products, and gorgeous new jewelry items, Avon also recently announced a partnership with CHI haircare to offer paraben-free, sulfate-free haircare products, loaded with organic ingredients for healthy hair and scalp AND a partnership with The Face Shop to offer a complete collection of gorgeous foundation, blush, and highlighters in a wide range of beautiful shades.

Charcoal whitening toothpaste, spa-worthy bath products, vintage-inspired iconic Avon products, and new luxury skin care items (through Avon’s collaboration for LG Home and Health) are also all on their way!

Oh, and did I mention that we’ll have exclusive items from FROZEN 2???

Check out this gallery of some of my fave upcoming products from the recent product expo at Avon RepFest ’19!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Comment to tell me which products YOU are most excited about!! The future is looking quite bright for Avon!!

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