Congrats on starting your Avon business!

As a new representative, you likely have many questions! Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to figure it all out and there is a lot of support to help you along the way!

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by new representatives:



Start Selling!! As soon as you sign in to the AvonNow site, you will set up your personal online store. Once that link gets activated, you’re ready to start selling, earning, and saving on your own purchases! Share your online store link with everyone you know, so they can start shopping. You can even shop your own online store to give it a try!

Be sure to also spend some time in the Avon U Training section of AvonNow. Be sure to complete the Shortcuts to Success course and the Building an Online Business courses.


There are TWO ways for customers to shop:

The first option is to shop your online store and have their orders delivered directly to them (with free shipping on orders of $60+). When customers place online “direct delivery” orders, they pay Avon directly, Avon processes and ships the orders, and then YOU get paid!! EASY!!!

The second way that customers can shop is to browse the brochure (digital or printed), then give their orders and payment to you, for you to submit to Avon. Those orders will be delivered to you, for you to sort and deliver to your customers.

TIP: You can find the link to your FREE digital brochure by going to your online store, clicking “The Book”, then copying that URL.

Keep reading for more details about when to submit those orders and how you get paid!


You can enter your personal order, along with any customer orders you’ve collected, through the representative site (

TIP: Helpful business tools, such as brochures, samples, bags, and more are also available to order through the representative site.


 It’s flexible!! Submit your orders to Avon when you choose! You can start anytime!! There are no set order dates. Each campaign (selling period) has a two-week ordering window. You can find the complete ordering window schedule on the AvonNow site. You can submit orders for the campaign anytime within that campaign’s two-week ordering window. We can also backorder products from previous campaigns, up to two campaigns back.

TIP: Ordering early in the ordering window ensures the best product availability.

TIP: Many reps prefer to submit all of the orders they’ve collected from customers at the same time, once or twice a campaign, to save on shipping fees.

Remember, customers can also order through your online store anytime, 24/7, to have their orders processed right away and shipped directly to them!


When submitting order through the representative site, there are a few ways to find and enter the items. You can enter items by the 6-digit code, use the search bar to search for specific products, click the “Products” tab to search by product category, or click “The Book” to click through the digital brochure.

TIP: There’s a great step-by-step guide on how to enter orders in the Resource Library section of Avon U!

Click HERE to view a video tutorial I made, which shows how to place orders through the representative site.


You’ll earn 25% on all beauty, jewelry, and wellness items and 20% on fashion and home, once your total sales for the 2-week campaign reach $40+.  

You can give yourself a raise to 30% earnings on beauty, jewelry and wellness items, once you reach $5,000 in total sales for the year (Premier level) and then another raise to 40% earnings once you reach $10,000 in total annual sales (President’s Club level).

TIP: Check out the Earnings tab on the AvonNow site to view the complete earnings chart and more info about earning with your Avon business and saving on discounted demo items.

*NEW REP BONUS* Through Avon’s Kickstart Program for new representatives, you’ll get 40% earnings/personal discount on ALL sales (even fashion and home items!!) in your 1st campaign, no matter how much you sell! You can continue earning 40% on all sales in your 2nd-7th campaigns as you reach gradually increasing sales goals! Reach your goals to maximize your earnings as you grow your business! You can find more info about Kickstart on!

Click HERE for more info about the Kickstart Program.


We get paid the same percent regardless of how customers place their orders (online or through us). We receive those earnings in different ways:

Online (Direct Delivery) Orders: When customers order through your online store, your earnings will first get credited to your Avon account. You can sign up for Direct Deposit (under the My Account section of the AvonNow site) to have your online earnings deposited directly into your bank within two days of the order shipping! NOTE: If you owe a balance on your Avon account, your online earnings will apply as a payment towards that balance.

Representative Site Orders: For orders that you submit for customers through the representative site, you collect payment from the customer (brochure-cost of the items, plus sales tax and a .75 order processing fee). When you submit the orders to Avon, Avon will charge you a discounted cost for the items, based on your earnings level for the campaign. You collect full price from the customers, pay Avon the discounted cost for the items, and keep the remaining amount as your earnings!

Click HERE for more info about how we get paid.


There are many ways to learn about the products!

  • Both your online store and the representative site contain detailed product information for every item, including ingredients, benefits, directions for use, and customer reviews.
  • The Resource Library in Avon U Training contains guides for a variety of products.
  • Campaign Insider” live videos on the Avon U Representatives Facebook page (every other Tuesday) are excellent sources of product information and sales tips.
  • The What’s New demo catalogs (which you will receive in orders you submit through the representative site) are useful for learning about upcoming new products.
  • Watch for short product education videos from Avon when new items are released.
  • Using the products for yourself is one of the best ways to get to know the products!
  • Monthly virtual sales meetings (hosted by Avon) offer excellent product info, sales strategies, and a chance to hear tips from top sellers.


Contact your upline mentor (the person you are signed up directly under). Your upline mentor can help when you have question or need assistance! Your mentor is an Avon representative, just like you! They can offer you tips on growing your business and reaching your goals, based on personal experiences.

For issues related to your orders/payments, contact Avon customer service at: 866-513-2866

For product-related questions, contact the Avon Product Info line at: 800-367-2866 (Option 3)

2 thoughts on “New Rep FAQs

  1. When trying to sign up for Avon a week ago I didn’t realize that my mentor would be my upline person so I didn’t add her name to that spot. I need help to know how to go back and add my mentors name please?!!


    1. Hi Pamela! Welcome to AVON!! Give Avon customer service a call at 866-513-2866. Depending on when you signed up, they may still be able to get you linked with your intended mentor/advisor. Have a beautiful day! 🙂


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