One of the most BEAUTIFUL things about our Avon businesses is that there are so many ways to find customers and sell the products. As the BOSS of your Avon business, you get to choose which methods you use!

Most successful representatives utilize a variety of methods to find new customers and sell Avon products. Be creative and experiment with different strategies until you find what works for YOU!

Here are SIX Main Methods for Selling Avon:

METHOD #1 – Pass Out the Brochures 

The tried-and-true method of selling Avon is to get our beautiful Avon brochures (catalogs) in front of as many eyes as possible, then follow-up to answer questions and collect orders.

Brochures can be ordered at any time through the representative site. Click “Order Products“, then “Brochures and Flyers” to select the brochures you’d like to order. They come in packs of ten and get less expensive the more you order.

As a general rule, the more brochures you pass out, the more customers you’ll find. Following up with each person you give a brochure to will increase your results. Used effectively, brochures are a good investment in your business.

Put your contact info (including your online store link) on the back of the brochures, then give them to people you know and ask them to share brochures with people they know too! Leave brochures in public places, like laundromats, community centers, waiting rooms, and office break rooms. Distribute brochures in your neighborhood or in nearby neighborhoods.

BONUS: All reps have access to a FREE digital version of the brochure, which you can share with everyone you know across the United States. To find your digital brochure link, go to your Avon online store, click “Digital Catalog“, then copy that URL.

METHOD #2 – Online Sales and Social Media

Your online store enables you to sell Avon to anyone across the United States, near or far!! Customers can shop your online store, pay Avon directly, then have the items shipped right to their home. YOU get the earnings!! (If you sign up for direct deposit, you can have your online earnings deposited to your bank within two days after the order ships.)

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to easily connect with new potential customers. Best of all, it’s FREE to promote your business using social media.

TIP: Promote your business regularly (every day) using social media. Include the link to your online store in every post. Use product images from your online store and/or from the albums on the Avon Social Selling Facebook page, but also create your own personal images/posts to share your personal testimonials about the products!

METHOD #3 – Vendor Events

Vendor events can be a fantastic way to connect with tons of new customers in a short period of time. Set up a table with some products for on-the-spot sales and pass out tons of brochures and samples. Offering a free raffle basket can be a great way to collect contact info to follow-up with all of your potential new customers!

TIP: Churches, schools, and local organizations often host vendor events. Inquire directly about upcoming events and keep an eye out for signs in your area. Some areas even have Facebook pages dedicated to promoting upcoming vendor events.

METHOD #4 – Fundraisers

Hosting an Avon fundraiser, either for a cause which is personally important to you OR for a group/individual in need of funds, can be a fantastic way to connect with new lifelong customers! Our online fundraising system makes it so simple to set up a fundraiser in a matter of minutes. Customers who order through your online fundraiser become linked to you for their future orders, which make fundraisers a great way to grow your customer base.

For more information about Avon fundraisers, check out the Fundraising Specialist course in the Avon U Training section of and/or check out the info under the Fundraising section (under the Earnings and Rewards) tab of

METHOD #5 – Parties

Gathering together with friends is a fun way to introduce people to Avon’s great selection of products. Invite your own friends or ask a friend to be the hostess. Set up a display of demo products for the guests to sample and have lots of brochures on hand for guests to shop. You may even want to offer a special discount or free gift for orders placed during the party! Online parties can be a wonderful option during this time of social-distancing!!

TIP: Have fun with party themes! Host a pedicure party, skin care party, spa night party, holiday shopping party, etc.

METHOD #6 – Advertise

There are lots of great ways to advertise your new business, including yard signs, car decals, and Avon logo items. Wear an Avon t-shirt or carry an Avon logo tote bag! Check out the Vistaprint logo shop in the Avon Perks section of!

Wearing and using Avon products is another very natural way to advertise your business! When people comment on your glowing skin, bright lip color, or sparkly Avon necklace, tell them it’s Avon and offer a brochure!

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