Mentor Tips – Five Productive (Not Pushy) Ways to Boost Team Activity Rate and Average Order Size

One of the best things about being an Avon rep is that we get to be the BOSS of our own business! That means that we get to sell how much we’d like, when we’d like to sell it!

Having no required monthly orders and no order quotas means that we have flexibility. And in this busy world, with so many priorities competing for our attention, flexibility is golden! Flexibility gives us the freedom to fit our Avon businesses into our lives in the way that works best for us, and that keeps it fun!

While we may be interested, as a team leader, in increasing our team’s order activity rate and average order size, it’s important to allow each of our team members to enjoy the freedom and flexibility which make Avon so great! Creating a pressure to place orders instantly sucks away the freeing feeling of being your own boss. Instead, we should put our focus on building the knowledge, skills, and motivation which will naturally lead to higher activity rates and increased average order size!

With that in mind, here are FIVE techniques you can use to boost your team’s order activity rate and average order size, with a focus on providing motivation and training for sales success!


Our businesses revolve around the sale of Avon products. One of the best ways to get your team members active with their businesses is to get them excited about the amazing products we have to share!

Take steps to educate your team about upcoming products by:

  • Sharing the product education videos
  • Sharing the Campaign Insider live videos
  • Purchasing new items during the demo phase and offering your own personal testimonials – Create a buzz about the products!
  • Hosting your own live videos to talk about upcoming products – Build excitement!
  • Taking before/after pictures showing product results
  • Asking your team members to share their own testimonials and pictures
  • Sharing Avon products that have been featured in the press
  • Participating in Campaign Insider videos and Virtual Sales Meetings and sharing the product highlights


If your team members are not placing regular orders, it may be because they’re not sure about how to connect with new customers and generate sales. Perhaps they’re not aware of the many resources we have to promote and sell Avon, such as brochures, samples, our online stores, the digital link to the brochure, and Avon Social (for promoting on Social Media). Perhaps they know that those tools exist, but they’re not really sure how to use them to generate sales. Or perhaps they know all about the available tools and how to use them, but they’re struggling to find a routine which fits their life.

Offering your team members training in how to use all of the many available tools and resources to successfully sell the products can boost both activity rate and average order size.

Here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Offer ideas on how and where to distribute brochures
  • Teach about the value of following up with customers
  • Show how to make and use a sample bundle to find new customers
  • Demonstrate how to use Avon Social to promote online
  • Educate your team members about the benefits of online fundraising
  • Be a role model for successful sales by engaging in a variety of sales techniques and sharing your results – Step out of your own comfort zone!
  • Do live videos to share successful sales strategies
  • Recognize members of your team for successful strategies they’ve used
  • Provide your team members with the language they need to contact potential customers with their online store link or digital brochure
  • Share valuable resources for sales strategies, like Avon U Training, the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page, the Social Selling with Avon Social Facebook page, virtual sales meetings, and the Beauty Buzz
  • Help your team members to develop simple routines which fit their lives and make it easy to stay consistent with their business


Don’t wait until the 11th hour to start calling and following-up with team members who haven’t placed orders. If they’re not sure how to generate sales, it’s too late to call at the end of the campaign window to find out where their order is. Make sure that your team members have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to build a successful order early in the campaign, so they have time to put the plan into action. Personally reach out to your team members (particularly new and inactive team members) to offer support and motivation.


Thoughtfully-crafted team incentives can help to boost engagement and motivation, while drawing attention to profit-producing behaviors in a fun, rewarding way. Team incentives can also be a great opportunity to recognize successful team members for the behaviors which are leading to their success, allowing them to act as role models within the team.

Focus incentives on achievable goals which will guide your team members towards developing more successful, more profitable businesses, that will ultimately continue to reward them for many campaigns to come.

For example, we know that reaching at least $150 in sales each campaign will put significantly more earnings in our team members’ pockets than selling less than $150 (since that it the point where the earnings level increases from 20% to 30%). $150 is also a pretty reasonable sales goal for most people to meet, with a moderate amount of effort and minimal resources. Host a team incentive focused on reaching $150 in campaign sales. Provide ongoing recognition throughout the campaign, as team members reach the goal. Want to encourage orders earlier in the campaign?? Schedule prize drawings at both the midpoint of the campaign ordering window and at the end!

Consider offering prizes which help your team members to build their businesses even further, such as bundles of Avon samples, full-sized demos of upcoming items, Avon jewelry items (fantastic for wearing and sharing), Avon-logo items, sales tools, etc.!!


Avon regularly offers a variety of exciting incentives, which offer additional rewards for taking steps to grow our businesses. Representatives can earn additional bonuses on online sales, fabulous vacations (like the recent trip to Los Cabos and the upcoming trip to Jamaica), and other fun prizes. Ensure that your team members have all of the information they need to take advantage of every opportunity, along with a plan for achieving. These incentives can be excellent additional motivators to boost both order activity rate and average order size.

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