Year after year, the fall and holiday sales season is the BEST sales season for Avon representatives!

And the 2019 fall and holiday sales season is shaping up to be even better than usual! In addition to a fabulous collection of holiday decor and giftable items, Avon will also be launching our new collaborations with CHI HAIR CARE and THE FACE SHOP (skin care, foundations, highlighters, blushes, and MORE)!


As if that weren’t enough, we will have items from Disney’s FROZEN 2, our new CHARCOAL WHITENING TOOTHPASTE, a beautiful collection of spa-worthy body scrubs, and MORE!!

If you play your cards right, the next few months can offer the opportunity for HUGE GROWTH with your Avon business, both during the holiday season AND after!!

Check out my tips below for making the most of the upcoming fall and holiday sales season!



TIP #1 – Start NOW! Don’t wait to establish your customer base. Start connecting with customers now, so you’ll have a core customer base ready to share all of the great items with when they launch! You’ll be able to use the amazing new products to attract even more customers too!

TIP #2 – If you’ve been a bit off-track with your business, host a Grand Re-Opening! Make a special flyer or label to include with brochures and post on social media to announce the grand re-opening of your Avon business. Consider offering a special discount or free gift with orders placed during your grand re-opening!

TIP #3 – Promote your business consistently both online (using your online store, digital brochure link, and Avon Social) and through our beautiful printed brochures!

TIP #4 – Focus on selling skin care, our new CHI hair care, and our beautiful cosmetics lines! The seasonal holiday items are bright, shiny, fun to promote, and effective at attracting new customers, BUT when you help a customer to find the perfect skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, they will be your repeat customer for life! These are the customers that will help your business to grow year after year! Consider running your own special sale on items like skin care throughout the fall/holiday season! Attract the customers with the shiny holiday items, then offer to help them find the perfect skin care items for the harsh winter weather or the perfect look for their holiday parties!

TIP #5 – Plan to host a Holiday Shopping Party, where you invite current customers, new potential customers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to get to know Avon products and shop our amazing holiday collection! Ask your guests to bring a friend so you can share the products with even more people!

TIP #6 – Make gift-giving easy for everyone you know, by putting together holiday gift bundles. For example, our new upcoming body scrub collection would make a gorgeous gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, etc. packaged together in a gift basket.

TIP #7 – Look for local vendor events in your area, where you can set up a table to sell and promote Avon products! There are many taking place at this time of year!

TIP #8 – Ask friends to share brochures with people they know. Offer them a small reward for any order they bring you!

TIP #9 – Get to know your personal favorite Avon products, so you can share them with others based on your personal experiences with the products! Experiment with a variety of Avon products to find the ones you feel passionate about. It’s easy to share the things we love with others!

TIP #10 – Consider hosting an Avon fundraiser, online or with the flyers, using Finley the Fox – our ADORABLE 2019 fundraising plush! Avon fundraisers are a great way to connect with new customers and build your sales!

TIP #11 – Plan to do much of your own holiday shopping through your Avon business to enjoy a great discount on everything your purchase! There are so many great gifts for everyone on your list! Avon makes the perfect gift for teachers, bus drivers, coaches, co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family!!

TIP #12 – Use Halloween as an opportunity to promote the holiday collection, as well as all of our new collaboration items! Put together brochure/sample bundles to pass out to the adults who are bringing their children trick-or-treating on Halloween! It’s a great opportunity to promote your business when the customers come to YOU!!

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