Demo products can be an incredibly powerful tool, which Avon representatives can use in a variety of way to connect with new customers and grow their sales.

In this blog post, I’m going to outline a number of different ways that demos can be used to grow your business, but first, let’s breakdown a few FAQs about Avon demo products!

FAQ #1 – What are demo products?

Demo products are exactly the same as the actual products which will be available to customers. The only difference is that representatives can order the products one or two campaigns ahead of when they will become available to customers, at a highly discounted cost. They’re like a sneak peak at a big discount!! #AvonRepPerk

FAQ #2 – Where can I browse and order Avon demo products?

Avon demo products are featured in the “What’s New” catalogs, which are included in your orders. You can also browse demo products on the representative site ( by either clicking “BROCHURES” to browse the digital brochures (including the digital version of the What’s New catalogs) OR by clicking the “ORDER PRODUCTS” tab, then selecting “Demos” from the menu.

FAQ #3 – When can I order demo products?

Demos can be ordered one or two campaigns ahead of the campaign the product will be introduced. (For example, you can order demos from the What’s New catalog for Campaign 24 in Campaigns 22 or 23.)

You can also backorder demo products from the What’s New catalog, while in the current campaign (meaning that you can order from the What’s New 24 while within the Campaign 24 ordering window).

FAQ #4 – How much will my demo discount be?

Your discount on all beauty, jewelry, or wellness demos will be 40% off the brochure cost, as long as the total of your order for the campaign is at least $50.

Your discount on fashion and home items is 25% off (marked as the “C” price in the What’s New).

President’s Club members receive an additional 5% discount on demo items (marked as the “PRP” price in the What’s New).

FAQ #5 – Do demo products count towards my sales for the campaign, for achieving higher earnings levels?

Yes, demo products count towards your “award sales” at the demo cost (60% of brochure cost for beauty, jewelry, wellness items/75% of brochure cost for fashion and home items).

FAQ #6 – Is there a limit to how many demos I can purchase?

For most demos, you are limited to purchasing ONE of each item. For items that come in multiple shades, sizes, etc. that typically means you can select one shade, size, etc. of that item.

President’s Club members and above are able to order additional demos, depending on sales achievement level.

Occasionally, some demos are listed as “unrestricted” meaning that you can order as many as you like or up to your demo limit in each shade, size, etc.

FAQ #7 – What are the “Exclusive Representative Offers” in the What’s New catalogs? Is there a limit on those?

There is no limit on items listed as “Exclusive Representative Offers” in the What’s New catalogs. Those are typically special deals on current products, which give representatives an opportunity to stock up on items they need for events, parties, or inventory at a highly discounted price.

FAQ #8 – Is it beneficial to order demo products?

Absolutely, as long as you have a plan for how to use the demos to connect with new customers and generate new sales! Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of your demo products!

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 1.49.57 PM.png

Demo products have the potential to help you attract new customers and generate higher sales, putting more money in your pockets!

Check out these tips for making the most of the demo products you purchase:


One very excellent use of demo item is to personally use the products to get to know the items firsthand and generate your own authentic personal testimonial. The better you know the products, the more easily and naturally you’ll be able to sell them, simply by sharing your personal experience! Personal use is especially valuable with skin care, makeup, and wellness items.


Hand in hand with personally using the products comes Before and After photos. Make the most of your personal use by taking pictures before and after, which you can then share on social media and through direct messages/emails to people who you think may be interested in gaining similar results. Before and After photos are ideal for skin care and makeup items!


Another twist on the personal use idea is to Wear and Share the products. This works especially well for fashion items and jewelry. Make your Avon demo products a part of your wardrobe choices, then proudly advertise your business while you’re out and about. As people comment on your beautiful necklace or festive holiday sweater, tell them “It’s Avon!” and offer them a brochure or your business card.


Want to get even more results from WEARING and SHARING the demos?? Take a selfie and share it on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to use hashtags like #avonrep #linkinbio #avonfashion #avonjewelry #jewelrylover #beautylover or #ootd (outfit of the day) to share your look with an even wider audience! Social media is also a powerful tool for sharing before and after pictures and other pics of your favorite Avon products!


Allow your customers to experience the demo products firsthand, by sharing samples of the upcoming products. Keep a new fragrance with you to allow potential customers to try on their own skin. Let them see and feel the beautiful bottle it comes in. (Collect a pre-order when they love it!)

Skin care products can be used to perform “hand-cials” – like a mini facial, but on the hand! Allow potential customers to apply a small amount of items like lotion, cream, serums, and primers to their hand to experience the texture, smell, and effect of the products. (Just be sure to keep demo products sanitary, by using disposable applicators when necessary, such as cotton swabs.)


Get your demo items seen by as many eyes as possible by setting up a table at a local vendor event/craft fair or by hosting an Avon open house where customers can see, smell, touch, and experience the products firsthand. Collect pre-orders of the items customers are interested in, so you can place the orders as soon as the products become available (especially important for limited-supply seasonal/holiday items, which are likely to sell out). Consider offering a special pre-order discount.


Get the most out of your demo items by getting them seen by as many eyes as possible! If you have access to a public place (such as a lunch/break room at work, waiting room, community room, or lobby) where you can safely set up some items, make a nice display of upcoming products. Leave a stack of brochures and some business cards near the display.


For demo items which have only been used for display, you may be able to recoup what you paid for the demo by selling it at your cost, when you no longer need the item. Lucky customers will be happy for the great deal and you’ll be happy to recoup your investment, so you can get your hands on some new demos for upcoming campaigns! You may also be able to use demo items as gifts (especially around the holidays) and/or keep the items you love for your personal use after they’ve served their purpose as a demo.

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