Did you know that Avon has been around for over 134 years?? With a history as long and beautiful as Avon’s, many people have had some experience with Avon at some point during their lives.

Perhaps a family member was an Avon representative many years ago or maybe your mom used to spray you down with Skin So Soft bath oil to keep the bugs away. (I bet you still remember the unique fragrance and feel of that silky oil on your skin!) If you’re like me, you might have nostalgic memories of your dad’s dresser covered with collectible glass decanters of Avon cologne shaped like cars or cowboy boots. Perhaps you remember flipping through Avon brochures that were delivered to your home by the local Avon representative or sampling the newest perfumes and lipsticks.

These are all priceless memories of Avon during some of its long and beautiful history, but Avon has been constantly evolving and modernizing with the times for the past 134 years. There are so many things which you may not realize about the face of Avon in 2020!

DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still distribute those beautiful printed brochures and samples, but we now also have access to a wide variety of (FREE) state-of-the-art digital sales tools, including a personal online store, Avon Social (an incredible social media tool developed by the experts in promoting businesses via social media), and an interactive digital brochure (with cool features such as a virtual makeover tool, foundation shade-matching tool, and tutorial videos).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon representatives still sell in their local communities, but we can now also sell to anyone, anywhere across the United States, utilizing our online stores, where customers can shop online anytime and have their items delivered directly to their doors. 


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon still offers that Skin So Soft bath oil, Anew skin care to address all of the most common skin concerns, collectible cologne decanters, beautiful fragrances, and eye-catching cosmetics that you may remember, but Avon now also carries:


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon offers representatives the opportunity to earn more than just commission on their sales of the products. Reps can also earn additional $$$ bonuses (through programs like Avon’s Pathway to Premier for new representatives) and all-inclusive vacations (through opportunities like Avon’s current “Destination Avon – Cap Cana” incentive).


DID YOU KNOW THATAvon reps have huge flexibility in how they work their business. There is no requirement to purchase any inventory and no requirement to place an order every campaign (two-week sales period). Some reps choose to focus on online sales (especially convenient during the current socially-distanced times), others prefer to use the brochures, and many use a combination of both sales strategies. 


DID YOU KNOW THATIt’s currently FREE for people to start their own Avon business! Yes, FREE! And signing up gives all reps instant access to their personal online store, FREE digital sales tools, and tons of FREE training opportunities and personal support.

If you’re already a rep, share the opportunity with everyone you know by inviting them to join your team! If you’re not already an Avon rep, get more info and join my team HERE.


DID YOU KNOW THAT… As soon as you sign up to become a representative, you have instant access to a variety of FREE digital sales tools and FREE self-paced training?? You can literally start selling and earning right away!!


DID YOU KNOW THAT… Avon representatives can enjoy savings on their own purchases of beauty products, hair coloring kits, household cleaning products, and basic essentials for your family (like soap, shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, and more)?? Being an Avon representative doesn’t just help you to earn money, it helps you to save money too!!



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