Recently, one of my team members asked a really excellent question recently, which sparked a very important discussion…

How do you promote your business online
without your posts sounding like a broken record?


My response (which may be the best advice I can give about promoting your business on social media) was:


Avon has provided us with a tremendously valuable tool in Avon Social (our FREE social media tool, filled with thousands of beautiful product pics and videos to promote your business), which makes regularly promoting your business on social media easy and convenient, BUT your best results will come from your personal posts, which show real-life use of the products with your authentic testimonials and tips!

Use the products you’re selling personally, get to know them firsthand, experiment, take before/after pictures, make videos, get the family involved, be creative and have fun with promoting your business!!


As an example, check out this little video my sons made today to demo the pineapple corer: My two youngest sons had a blast filming the segments. My oldest son edited the video together, which gave him something creative to do as our family continues to social-distance! It was fun to make and it’s a creative, personal way to introduce my potential customers (who may not even realize that Avon offers kitchen tools) to the product!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit videos together. Taking personal pics works well too!! Here are a few more examples of recent posts I’ve made to promote my Avon business, all with a personal twist!

You’ll notice that they’re all products my family and I are personally using, I took my own pictures, I shared feedback and tips based on use, and I expressed what I personally love about the products. You can share posts like this on your personal social media pages and/or on your social media business pages!




If you’re not sure how to get started with making your product promotion posts more personal, start with the products you personally know and LOVE!

If you’re not yet able to identify the products you personally love, start by getting to know the products you’re selling. Try a few things, experiment, get your family and friends to experiment with you too, and then start sharing what you love!!

Most importantly, have fun, be creative, and make your business personal!! You’ll be rewarded with higher customer engagement, higher sales, and higher earnings when you do!!

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