Avon Starter Kit Choices

One of the many wonderful things about Avon is that new representatives can get started with their business for as little as $25.

That $25 covers the cost of a starter kit (valued at over $80) which is jam-packed with everything a new representative needs for a successful start to their Avon business… brochures, samples, sales tools, and even a few full-sized products!

The materials in the Quick Starter Kit are exactly what a new representative needs to start introducing potential customers to Avon and inviting them to shop the brochures. It’s super easy to make back the cost of the Quick Starter kit with their very first order.

In fact, if a new representative sells just $65 in their first campaign (two-week selling period), they will make enough money to cover the cost of their $25 starter kit!!* Any sales over that creates their first real profits, right in their very first campaign!

*Through Avon’s Kickstart Program, new representatives earn 40% on their 1st order of any size. 40% of $65 in sales is $26.

For a new representative who wants to get their hands on more full-sized products and samples, at a huge discount, the Advanced Starter Kit (priced at $50) or the Premium Starter Kit (priced at $100) may be the way to go! Those kits include additional full-sized products and samples, which can be handy for new representatives who are planning to host a Grand Opening party, have a table at a vendor event, seek on-the-spot sales, or who just want to get to know the products the best they possibly can.

With Avon, YOU are the boss, so YOU get to decide which starter kit best suits your personal needs and business goals. They’re all wonderful kits with everything necessary for a successful start.

The image below shows the three Avon starter kit options.

starter-kits-reference-flyer-en (2).jpg

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