The holidays offer an amazing opportunity to grow your Avon business, as you gather to celebrate with friends, family, and co-workers. Here are 10 EASY ways to grow your Avon business during your holiday festivities.

  1. Brochures, brochures, brochures!! (Have you noticed how many of my tips lists start with BROCHURES??) For most businesses, the best way to grow sales is to get more people to walk through and browse the merchandise. And how do we get people to walk through our Avon stores?? By putting a brochure into their hands! Bring brochures to all of your holiday celebrations. Put those brochures into the hands of new potential customers! While you’re at it, suggest an item you think they’d love! And don’t forget to tell them about Avon’s product guarantee! All items are guaranteed for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase!
  2. Samples – Bring along a little basket of lipstick, skincare, and fragrance samples. Ask the host if you can leave the basket somewhere for people to try a few things. (Near the coat closet might be a convenient place!) Stick a “Free Avon Samples” sign on the basket, and be sure to leave some business cards of brochures right by it!
  3. Talk to Everyone You Meet – Tell everyone how much you love Avon products and love living the beauty boss life. If you’re excited, they’ll get excited too! Let everyone know that you can help them with buying or selling Avon. (Be sure to have some brochures or business cards on hand to pass along.) Collect contact info from anyone who is interested in buying or selling Avon, to follow up later!
  4. Use Avon Skin Care Products – Then let your glowing skin do the talking!prod_1163197_xl_3.jpg
  5. Wear Avon Jewelry – Avon offers a gorgeous collection of high-quality fashion jewelry. When people comment on how much they love your jewelry (and they will comment), tell them it’s Avon and offer them a brochure! This Mixed Metals Statement Necklace is my current favorite!prod_5313583_xl_3.jpg
  6. Wear an Avon Fragrance – When people comment on how nice you smell, pass along a brochure! Prima is my personal pick for the holiday season!prod_1188021_xl.jpg
  7. Wear Avon Shoes or Clothing – Avon offers a great collection of clothing and shoes. Many people do not know this! Be a walking advertisement for Avon’s beautiful clothing line. I’ll be wearing these adorable Clarissa Mary Jane pumps to all of my holiday parties!prod_5287923_xl.jpg
  8. Give Avon as Gifts – Avon has something for everyone on your list! Give Avon as gifts, and you may even gain some new lifelong customers!
  9. Sell Avon Gifts – Have ready to give Avon gifts available for purchase when the people you know are looking for last minute gifts for people on their lists!15541702_10210353477787645_7770986516933161935_n.jpg
  10. Decorate with Avon – Decorate your home with items from the Avon Living collection! Light some Avon candles. Serve delicious food on beautiful Mikasa plates from Avon! Your guests will never believe how many wonderful items for the home Avon offers!



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