Do YOU or does anyone you know have skin??

If your answer to that question is YES (and I’m willing to bet it is), then guess what…

You have absolutely everything you need to build a tremendously successful and profitable Avon business!!


You and every human you know has skin. In fact, skin is the largest organ on the human body.

And being that the skin is such a large, visible, important part of our bodies, most people care (at least a little bit) about taking care of their skin.

Common skin concerns include:

  • Protecting skin from dangerous sun damage
  • Preventing signs of aging
  • Effectively cleaning skin on the face and body
  • Treating and preventing acne
  • Hydrating and moisturizing skin (for both comfort and appearance)
  • Reducing the appearance of pores
  • Improving skin tone or clarity
  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing puffiness and dark circle around eyes
  • Purifying skin and protecting from pollutants





Avon offers a wide variety of incredible products which address all of those skin concerns (and more)!! Avon has skin care products to meet the needs of both women and men (because men have skin too), of all ages!

Avon even has a totally toxin-free marshmallow-scented moisturizing lotion for kids’ skin!!



To put it simply, EVERYONE YOU KNOW is a potential skin care customer! All YOU have to do is introduce them to the products which will meet their personal skin care needs. Match them with the right Avon skin care products for their needs, and they will be your customer for life!

In a nutshell, selling skin care is your ticket to longterm Avon sales success!!




Here are a few tips for becoming an Avon Skin Care Sales Pro:

TIP #1 – Get To Know The Products

One of the most important steps in becoming an Avon skin care sales pro is to get to know the products. How??

  • Try the products for yourself. Your firsthand experience and personal testimonials are powerful, authentic sales tools. Get a great discount on the products by ordering from the What’s New demo catalogs
  • Read the What’s New demo catalogs. They are often filled with tons of helpful information about new skin care products.
  • Watch the Campaign Insider videos and other live training videos on the Avon USA Representatives facebook page, to learn about the products you sell
  • Participate in Virtual Sales Meetings and other training webinars, focused on improving your product knowledge. All meetings and webinars are typically recorded to watch at your convenience.
  • Go to the Avon U Training section of to find product training and resources, including an incredible new collection of detailed one-pagers on every Avon skin care item (including our new, ultra-luxurious Face Shop collaboration items).

TIP #2 – Share Testimonials

Many people share a lot of the same skin care concerns. Share your own personal testimonials and testimonials from your current skin care customers about the results you (or your customers) got from using Avon’s incredible skin care products. Be specific. Share before and after photos, if possible. The results will speak for themselves!!

TIP #3 – Run a Special Skin Care Sale

Avon frequently runs sales and special offers on our skin care products. Promote those sales, but also consider running your very own special sale, to entice new customers into giving Avon skin care a try. Perhaps offer new customers an additional 10% discount off any skin care items. You may make less profit on that initial sale, but you will greatly profit long term as they continue coming back to you to replenish their new favorite skin care items. Skin care customers are REPEAT customers!!




TIP #4 – Offer Skin Care Samples

Offering skin care samples, custom selected for the potential customer, can be a great way to introduce new potential customers to our wonderful skin care products. You can find an assortment of skin care samples available to purchase, by going to the Order Products tab on, then selecting “SAMPLES” from the menu. More samples of our newest skin care products will become available as we enter the new year. In the mean time, you can also make your own samples using small containers (available online at Amazon). TIP: Be sure to follow-up after offering samples to see how the customer liked the product. Offer a special deal on the full-sized products at that time!

TIP #5 – Promote the Product Guarantee

All Avon products (excluding Outlet/Final Sale items) are guaranteed for 90 days for any reason at all. That makes it totally risk-free for customers to give Avon skin care a try. Encourage new customers to try Avon skin care for a full 30 days. If they’re not satisfied with the results, offer a refund or credit towards trying another Avon skin care product, so they can find the items which work best for their individual needs. It’s easy for representatives to process Returns and Exchanges through the online returns system.

TIP #6 – Brochures and Social Media

As with selling any Avon products, you’ll gain more sales by sharing more brochures and promoting more on social media. Get brochures into as many hands as you can each campaign, then follow-up to collect orders. Consider sticking a label on the front to advertise a special skin care offer! Also, promote regularly on social media, using your own personal pictures/testimonials AND the beautiful images/videos available in our Avon Social tool!

TIP #7 – Host a Skin Care Party

Invite friends, family, and potential customers to attend a special skin care party, where they can learn about the products, sample Avon skin care items, and discover the perfect products for their personal skin care needs and concerns.



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